How you can Construct Solar Ovens With Children

Utilizing solar energy for cooking is easy and simple. Solar energy is gathered from a sizable region and concentrated by reflection right into a smaller sized region. The focal stage might attain temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or even more, sufficient for many cooking.

Trouble: Reasonably Simple


Issues You will need
Durable cardboard box (a minimum of eighteen inches by 24 inches with partitions a minimum of twelve inches substantial)
Cardboard flat or building paper board a minimum of 24 inches square
Large duty aluminum foil
Duct tape
Black metal pot (a minimum of one quart-sized) with lid
Dial-faced thermometer with assortment as much as 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Big sealable distinct plastic bag

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A Sinple Solar Oven

one)Wrap the cardboard flat (or building paper board) with heavy-duty aluminum foil, shiny aspect up.

two)Type this solar reflector right into a funnel using the metal aspect around the within and also the bottom with the funnel tapering to an opening just big sufficient to carry the black metal pot. The leading and the majority of the vertical aspect with the funnel will probably be open up to catch solar energy.

three)Location the funnel in to the cardboard box, utilizing duct tape to carry it in location and preserve the funnel form.

Utilizing Your Solar Oven

one)Fill the pot a minimum of fifty percent complete of water. Insert the thermometer using the dial visible and place the lid onto the pot. Location the pot in to the distinct plastic bag and seal, making certain you’ll be able to study the thermometer.

two)Location the pot in the bottom with the solar funnel and orient the oven for optimum immediate sun publicity. Document the temperature because the pot heats and contrast this towards the ambient temperature to display the impact of solar focus and also to comprehend the anticipated temperature efficiency of one’s specific oven.

three)Cooking directions would be the exact same just like a standard oven reaching the temperatures your solar oven achieves.

Numerous solar cooking fans use solar ovens as sluggish cookers, environment them up for 150- to 200-degree operation and allowing soups or stews simmer all through the day.

Tips & Warnings

Discuss how utilizing easy solar ovens can reduce the require for cooking fires.

For advanced classes, use river water in the pot and use a microscope to compare a sample with the river water having a sample of water heated to one hundred fifty degrees by the solar oven (pasteurized).

This experiment will not work on heavily overcast or rainy days.

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