Our Prom Stage Uses Bande LED 12V

bande led 12vThe first time I knew about LED lights was when we held the prom. I needed to help seniors preparing their prom. It was an annoying thing to do and I just had to do it. Did not want to be underestimated, I made research and tried my best to make the entire things perfect. It was time when I found and decided to use LED lights on my decoration including for the stage.

There were several hard corners and difficult edges I needed to accommodate. Instead of using common lights to reach them all, I used the bande LED. Seriously, it was the best choice. First, I could touch and reach the entire difficult shape and corners. It really made the decoration and improved the value of the entire details. Second, even though it is expensive enough, my school can use it for at least a decade since then.

At last, the prom was a big success and all people like the entire details from decoration to food. My favorite part is the LED lights. It colors the room and it makes the stage extraordinary. None of those seniors could complain on my work. They are just perfect and totally memorable.

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