How to Throw an Eco Friendly Party

Most people are always in the mood for a great party. It’s the opportunity to get together with family members, friends and/or work associates and enjoy one another’s company while eating some good food and listening to some great music.

The thing is, if you are someone who is eco-friendly, in the midst of all of your party planning, you are probably trying to find a way to be able to pull off a great event while not wasting away your resources. Sometimes, if you’re not really sure how to make that happen, it can make party planning a lot more stressful than it has to be.
That’s why we’re here: to provide you with five ways that you can throw a fabulous party while still being eco-friendly.

Don’t “snail mail” invitations. There’s no way around the fact that receiving a paper invitation in the mail can be a pretty classy touch. There’s also no away around the fact that there’s a pretty good chance that after someone reads it, they’re going to toss it into the trash, if not immediately, right after the event. That’s a waste of two forms of paper: money and the invite. So, consider going with an Evite instead. You can still be creative with the designs and make it really fun to look at, but you won’t have to use any paper to get the word out.

Be “green” with your décor. Who says that you shouldn’t use your party as an opportunity to do a little “green educating”? Big potted plants are not only pretty to look at, but can help to clear the toxins out of the air. Scented soy candles can set a warm and comfortable mood. Empty wine bottles with tree branches place in them are also pretty to look at. And when it comes to providing nice lighting, how about some luminarias instead of overhead lights? If people ask about the décor, simply let them know that preserving the environment served as your muse.

Watch what you serve. If you are a “green enthusiast” then you know that the lifestyle is not just about being energy efficient, but about being very aware of what you put into your body too. Rather than purchasing “party food” that may be loaded up with additives and preservatives, how about making some fresh dishes with organic products from your local farmer’s market or ordering some delicacies from a place such as Whole Foods? (You can even purchase organic wine from online stores like The Organic Wine Company.)

Watch what you serve “it” on. While we’re on the subject of serving, don’t forget to be green with how you set your table(s). If you’re having a small party, you can use your own dishes, but for a large crowd (for instance, if you’re going to do something like a buffet), rather than using standard paper plates, look for a brand that is biodegradable; preferably one that makes dinnerware out of bamboo or corn-based bio resin. Also, try and go with cloth for your tablecloth and napkins (again, the less paper, the better) and for your centerpiece, maybe put a bunch of stemmed flowers in a vase or bowl that people can take home with them after the festivities.

Consider some acoustic entertainment. Music is always nice for an event, but you’re definitely going to run up your electricity with a DJ. Instead, consider hiring an acoustic player or if it’s a large corporate occasion, maybe even look up something such as acrobats to rent. There are a lot of ways to provide your guests with memorable entertainment that can still be energy efficient.

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