5 Eco Friendly Office Design Tips

There are many factors to consider when setting up a new office for you and your co-workers or employees. You’ve got the practicalities of budget and layout that you must work within, but these days it’s also important to consider eco friendly design. While you may not yet have experienced it first hand, you’ll find that creating a ‘greener’ environment will improve productivity and the overall happiness of the company members. Some things you can do are quite simple, while others will involve a redesign from the ground up. So here are five eco friendly office design tips to help you on your way.

First of all, try to utilize natural lighting whenever possible. This is something you should consider when choosing your office space. If there’s a limited number of windows, or even none at all you won’t have much flexibility in this area. But natural light improves your mood and helps maintain consistent, positive energy. It also allows you to turn the overhead lights off for big chunks of the day, which saves the environment and saves you some cash.

You should also consider skipping the cubicles and going with an open layout. Although you might think that cubicles keep people from getting distracted, the exact opposite is actually the case. It’s much easier to get sucked into some random website or to make personal calls when you have the protection of cubicle walls around you. With an open layout employees will be motivated by how hard the others are working, and will keep on task longer. You’ll also save on the construction of all of those cubicles, which are made of chemicals and fibers that don’t easily break down.

Make sure you keep the office uncluttered, and don’t be afraid of empty space. How is this an eco friendly design tip? Well, the less stuff you have hanging around, the less waste you create. If you keep things well organized and set up a policy that doesn’t allow for clutter the office will naturally consume less. A messy space may be a sign of genius, but it doesn’t add to productivity. If you already have junk on hand, look for recycling or upcycling options, or places you can donate what your company won’t use.

Any eco friendly office will be linked by network, so that paper printing is kept to a minimum. Make sure you put the IT department to the task, so your employees’ computers can all speak through an office network or a cloud computing solution. Employees should never have to print anything to share within the office, especially emails, schedules or other internal communications. From a design perspective, get yourself an Energy Saver certified printer that the whole office can use, instead of printers at each station. You’ll greatly reduce your company’s carbon footprint this way.

Finally, consider workstations that can be utilized by various employees, as opposed to dedicated desks for individuals. That way if you’ve got a visitor who usually works out of a virtual office New York they will have somewhere to set up. All you need is power and networking capability, and any staffer will be ready to go. This allows you to be a bit more flexible with scheduling. You can have people work in shifts, or telecommute as others take their physical space. You can have more employees work in a smaller space this way, keeping costs low and consumption efficient.

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