5 Eco Friendly Boating Tips

When you’re lucky enough to own a boat, you get to have access to a really fun toy that your entire family can enjoy for years. A boat is a great way to seriously enjoy the water with you, your friends, and your family members. There’s no limit to the amount of fun that can be had when you’ve got your own boat. The thing about a boat, however, is that owning one can be pretty difficult. Just like any complicated and expensive piece of machinery, owning your boat is great, but you’ve got to make sure you are able to stay on top of your responsibilities when it comes to care and maintenance. Just about every vehicle that uses an engine has some kind of impact on the environment. When you’re using a boat, you want to make sure that you’re not doing anything that isn’t eco-friendly, because the water is a very important part of our Earth. Here are five tips to help you make sure you’re having a positive impact on the environment while you enjoy your expensive watercraft.

1. Dispose of Oils, Filters, and Chemicals Properly. There are certain things on a boat that need to be changed, replaced, and simply discarded from time to time. Just like when you’re taking care of a car, your boat is going to need things like an oil change and will need to have filters replaced. You should make sure that you’re able to dispose of these things at facilities that are meant to help you do so. Hop online and research how you can safely dispose of oils and filters in your area.

2. Don’t Fill Your Tank All the Way. When you fill up your gas tank, it’s easy to want to make sure you’re putting as much into it as you can. Nobody wants to run out of gas and get stranded on the high seas, or even in the middle of a medium-sized lake. When you’re at the pump, though, you want to make sure that you leave about 10% of your tank unfilled. This will allow the gasoline to expand when it gets warm, which it most definitely will do. If you’ve topped off your tank, you could see some spillage, and gasoline going into the water is never a good thing.

3. Wax Your Boat. When you keep a healthy coat of wax on your boat, it actually keeps your boat from getting dirty in a pretty effective way. Things like dirt and dust won’t get stuck to the surface of your boat so easily, which means you’ll have to clean it a lot less often.

4. Go Green When You Clean. When you do clean your boat (because you will need to do so and do so relatively regularly), you want to make sure that you’re using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Water and vinegar, for example, can be used to clean off your windows so that you don’t have to buy any chemicals. Keeping boat covers handy will also help you need to clean your boat less often.

5. Don’t Fuel in the Water. When you’re filling up your boat’s gas tank, make sure you’re doing it on dry land. Sometimes spills happen, and it’s not that big of a deal to spill a little bit of gas on the ground. When it goes into the water, though, it can seriously mess things up for the animals that are trying to live in there. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to make sure that you’ve got the most eco-friendly boating habits ever.

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