Over the Next 5 Years Green Roofing and Wall Market Expected to Grow

When green roofing and the wall market were first introduced to mainstream media, a lot of people probably viewed it as an extreme eco-friendly trend. Initially, that very well may have been the case, but it would appear to be no longer something that only energy-efficient scientists and researchers are interested in. As a matter of fact, according to recent reports, green roofing installation is expected to grow over 70 percent over the next five years.

There are several reasons as to why green roofs are becoming all the rage to more and more people. From an ecological standpoint, green roofing creates a bit of a microclimate due to the fact that it plays a significant role in naturally cooling and humidifying the air around it. It creates a wonder environment for wildlife such as butterflies and birds to dwell. Plus, the greenery plays a direct role in reducing the amount of toxins in the air such as dust and smog.

There are some technical benefits as well. Based on the design of the building, a green roof can actually reduce the amount of storm water that runs by as much as 50-90 percent. Green roofs can also greatly improve the thermal resistance of the roof’s assembly and if it is a building that is close to an area that gets a lot of noise (such as an airport or factory), using this kind of roofing option will also cut down the noise levels for the people living or working inside of the building.

And finally, for the individuals who are actually purchasing the green roofs, it is a wise purchase because if it is well and consistently maintained, not only does it have a long life expectancy, but green roofs also will increase your property value, which can ultimately help to offset the cost of having one installed in the first place.

So, it is no wonder that according to Lux Research (a Boston-based research company), it is projected that green roofs will balloon into an amazing $7.7 billion market by 2017, with green walls also growing somewhere around the $680 million dollar range within that same year.

These projections do not just speak to eco-friendly development in the United States, either. Business offices in London, apartments in Rome, and skyscrapers in Singapore are all representative of the upgrading that many architects, building designers and contractors are preparing to make, not just for the obvious financial benefits but also for the support that it will provide our health and well-being as well.

Understandably, reading all of this could inspire you to consider doing some “green roofing upgrades” around your home. It definitely couldn’t hurt to speak with a local contractor, although do be prepared to pay a pretty penny for the change. In the meantime, you might want to consider changing your roof to metal or tile. Or, even making upgrades like double-pane windows or purchasing an energy-efficient refrigerator or washer and dryer.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, information like what you just read about green roofing is living proof that being eco-friendly is definitely here to stay. Rain or shine, green is growing.

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