What Makes Jewelry Eco Friendly?

Whether it’s a gold watch, a pair of gemstone earrings or a diamond ring, nothing says “You mean the world to me” quite like a piece of jewelry from a close friend or loved one does. However, if you are someone who happens to be very passionate about the environment, you might be concerned about if the jewelry that you’re considering buying is made in a mining environment where employees are treated poorly, rock is wasted and harmful chemicals are used in order to extract the gemstones from the mines. These, without question, are valid concerns. What we hope to do is provide you with a few failsafe ways to know, for sure, that the jewelry that you’re purchasing is as eco-friendly as you are:

Eco-friendly metal jewelry. If you want to get something that is made out of a metal such as gold or silver, one of the main things that you should ask the jeweler is if the jewelry was freshly mined or recycled. Recycled jewelry tends to come from industrial a source that has access to used jewelry. It is then melted and refined in order to produce a new (for example) necklace or bracelet. Customarily, recycled jewelry requires less energy to make and that’s always better for the environment.

Eco-friendly gemstone jewelry. If jewelry with gemstones are what you’re after, it’s important that you inquire about their origin. Gemstones that are eco-friendly are oftentimes obtained from fair trade resources that are proactive about using eco-friendly methods. The environment that people work in to extract the gems are clean and as chemical-free as possible, plus there are tight records kept of the origin of the gems. Another option to consider are purchasing gemstones that were made in a laboratory. They bear a striking resemblance to natural gemstones but they are manufactured in a much more energy efficient way.

Eco-friendly handmade jewelry. Being that recycling items is a big part of the eco-friendly movement, something else that makes jewelry “green” is if it is created from other used items. Say that you had anĀ Ebel watch band replacement, only to discover that the battery to the watch no longer works and it is going to cost more than you want to pay to replace it. If you decided to have the band turned into a bracelet, because you took something used and turned it into something else, that would be considered an eco-friendly piece of jewelry. Or say that you have some silver coins laying around the house. If you turned one of them into a ring, that would be considered an eco-friendly piece of jewelry as well.

Now that you know what makes a piece of jewelry fall into the eco-friendly category, you might be curious to know about some places that you can go to purchase some earrings or a watch. Brilliant Earth sells conflict-free diamonds. GreenKarat offers jewelry that is made from recycled metals. Tiffany & Co. markets their metals and gemstones as being made from social and environmentally-responsible sources. As many companies are becoming aware of how important it is to care for the environment, more and more of them are caring for how their products are made. Thankfully, as that list grows, it is including more and more jewelers around the world.

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