5 Up-and-Coming Green Business Opportunities

People everywhere are getting on board with the green movement, and not a moment too soon. Global climate change, ecosystem destruction, and dwindling resources are serious problems today, and it is everyone’s responsibility to start moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Businesses are some of the most important players in this struggle, and several up-and-coming business opportunities are set to change the world for good if they catch on with the mainstream public.

  1. Sharing Companies
    Today’s consumer recognizes that buying a product is not always the right decision. Expensive and rarely used items are often not worth the investment for thrifty and green shoppers. Many companies are moving toward a sharing economy. Car share companies are already becoming popular in many cities, and sharing services of all kinds are about to start cropping up. Businesses like this help us move to a less wasteful and more sustainable lifestyle by cutting down on production needs for many products. Sharing companies are already achieving success and helping us live greener lives.
  2. Alternative Energy
    It’s no secret, and it’s actually a scientific fact–one day, we will run out of the fossil fuels on which we rely so heavily today. Even if we may not run out of oil or coal in the near future, these resources will become more expensive as they become more rare. Alternative energy sources are not only promising business opportunities. They’re actually a necessary development for our survival. Solar and wind energy are making leaps and bounds, while cars are increasingly moving toward reduced oil dependence and alternative engine design.
  3. Net-Zero Construction
    An estimated forty percent of the energy consumption of the United States is spent on powering residential homes and commercial buildings. Green construction engineers are seeking to offset that consumption and waste to allow for a greener future. Net-zero construction strives to create buildings that have no need for outside energy sources. They are usually outfitted with solar generators and built with new insulation technology that makes them so energy efficient, they can actually sustain themselves. This is the ultimate in modern sustainable living.
  4. Green Apps
    The world is going mobile. More people today have smartphones than ever before, and it won’t be long before app-loaded phones with high speed internet access become standard. Many companies are developing their own green apps to help consumers live more eco-friendly lifestyles. Leafully, one of the most popular green apps, allows you to track your energy consumption on the go, to figure out how big your carbon footprint really is. Developing a green app could be one of the most promising green business opportunities today.
  5. Gardening Space
    Customers everywhere are demanding organic and fair trade produce, but some are going a step further by growing their own produce. Gardening space for lease or rent is a very promising industry, one that could turn a penny pinching dollars direct Toronto customer into a successful entrepreneur. Overhead costs for gardening space providers are very low, start-up expenses are nominal, and businesses like this help make the world a greener place.

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