Eco-Friendly Social Media Marketing Tips

Whether you happen to run a business that offers green products or services or you’re an average company seeking ways to reduce your carbon footprint and adopt an environmentally responsible attitude, you might be looking for ways to build your brand around your green ideals. Those who do their part for environmental protection shouldn’t hesitate to toot their own horn and gain recognition for their efforts; bragging rights come with the territory, as long as you’re not simply green-washing your business. And you should definitely utilize the expediency and mass appeal of social media to do the heavy lifting for you on this front. If you’re looking for ways to spread your green message via your social networks, here are just a few tips to get your eco-friendly social media marketing campaign off the ground.

To begin with, you need to make a solid plan for your campaign. Before you ever post to your Facebook wall or send out a tweet about your green efforts, you need to consider what these platforms can offer you in terms of return on investment, so to speak. Your main goal with any marketing effort is to increase exposure and ultimately sales. But to do this you must appeal to your followers. And if you inundate them with information or boast too loudly about your accomplishments, you might end up having the opposite effect. So you need to consider the best way to impart your eco-friendly message and share your company’s accomplishments on the environmental front before you start bombarding your followers.

For example, sending out links via Twitter to bring interested parties to your website for more information might not deliver a huge response. But suppose you create a board on Pinterest that shows photos of your team members participating in highway cleanup or planting trees with local residents. This type of feel-good campaign can not only spread your message, but also endear followers to your brand. You might even encourage patrons to join in your efforts by this strategy. The point is that you need to consider which social media platforms can offer you the best opportunity to reach consumers in a positive way so that you can focus your efforts.

And don’t forget that there are ways to target consumers that already have an interest in your eco-friendly message. You might consider joining groups on various social media platforms that are geared towards greenies, for example. The beauty of social networking is that it gives like-minded parties the venues in which to seek each other out and connect, so part of your strategy should definitely include doing the research necessary to find and join groups that fit the bill. When you become a trusted “friend” via social media you’ll not only gain access to the groups you’re a part of, but you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy trusted referrals to family, friends, and colleagues associated with your online groups. And this can lead to all kinds of positive attention. While you can certainly try¬†Radaris removal to expunge any kind of negative information concerning your business that happens to be floating around online, you can also use social media to create a positive brand image that includes your eco-friendly ideals and efforts.

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