Eco Friendly Universities Lead the Way in Sustainability

The environment has really never been more of a concern than it is now. More and more of us are starting to realize how important it is that we take good care of the planet on which we live. Of course, there are many who wonder if we’re all starting to realize this just a bit too late. Over the course of the last several decades, we’ve definitely succeeded when it comes to creating and developing a whole lot of exciting and new things. The things that we’ve been able to create for ourselves are just astounding, and there’s no telling where the future will take us when it comes to exciting technologies. The things is, however, that all this has come at great cost to our environment. We’ve only got one planet, and over the course of the last few years, it’s become more and more apparent that we need to do a better job when it comes to taking care of the one we’ve got. In a lot of ways, the environment is in bad shape, and the responsibility falls upon us to do something about this. Individuals all over the world have realized this, and have begun to do plenty of things in order to go about reducing the amount of impact they have on the earth. Similarly, corporations and companies are trying their best to make sure they don’t mess up the planet. Sometimes this means stricter regulations and more environmentally-friendly policies. In some cases this means developing things like the hybrid car. These days, even colleges are getting in on the action. The United States is home to some of the most environmentally-friendly universities around, and they’re leading the charge when it comes to environmental sustainability.

There are plenty of schools that are doing their part to “go green,” but some institutions of higher learning are really making sure they go the extra mile. Berea University in Kentucky is one of them. This school serves students in the Appalachian mountains, and boasts an “eco-village” that aims to do things like greatly reduce the amounts of water and electricity that get consumed.

Basically everything that gets done at Evergreen State College in Washington is eco-friendly: the school hopes to be completely carbon neutral by 2020, when it also expects to operate with zero waste. The campus is home to a ton of various organic gardens and composting locations, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly schools in the nation. Whether you go to¬†Ohio University or UCLA, though, there are always ways that you can make sure you’re going green. When you attend one of these schools, you’ll definitely be getting a high-quality education that centers around taking care of the environment. If the planet is your passion, though, you can always find a way to make sure you’re doing your part without leaving the comfort of your very own home.

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