5 Great Eco Friendly Pet Products

Those of us who really love our pets can’t help but to think of them as a part of the family and so when it comes to our commitment to the environment, we don’t want to leave them of the equation. However, finding eco-friendly products, for them, can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, we’ve done a bit of looking around and we’ve found five great eco-friendly pet products that you can buy (or order) for your furry friend just as soon as you finish reading this article:

Vet’s Best Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic shampoo that is made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and is packaged in an eco-friendly way, PETCO carries this particular product. One thing that we do advise is that you speak with your veterinarian before applying it to see if there are any ingredients that your pet might be allergic too. Also, if you want to try making some yourself, all you need are two cups of dishwashing liquid, water and apple cider vinegar mixed with four ounces of glycerin. It’s just as “green” and much cheaper.

Purr & Simple Biodegradable Cat Litter. Something that cat owners can never (really) get too much of is cat litter. Sometimes finding the kind that is biodegradable can be hard to find at a local grocery store. Fortunately on Amazon, the Purr & Simple company makes some. While we recommend that you actually purchase cat litter, there are some at-home recipes for cat litter deodorizer on YouTube. Just go to the site and put “homemade cat litter deodorizer” in the search field.

BioBag USA 100% Compostable Dog Waste Bags. Anytime that you have a pet, there is going to be some waste that will accumulate. While scooping it up and putting it into a traditional plastic trash bag is one option, it’s not the more eco-friendly way to go. Luckily, there are some waste bags that are compostable. The really great thing about the BioBag brand is that since they are biodegradable, once you dispose of them and they are taken away to your local landfill, they will naturally decompose.

Bamboo Pet Dishes. All cats and dogs need a dish to eat their food out of and bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials around. The great news about this particular eco-friendly product is that you can find them at Wal-Mart, PETCO or online at eBay or Hay Needle. While we’re on the subject of feeding your pet, OnlyNaturalPet.com is a website that carries a variety of eco-friendly food products for both your cat as well as your dog.

Green Pet Accessories. Whether it’s a ball, bone or even a couple of cat scratchers, no pet’s home is complete without some toys and accessories. PetSolutions.com sells some toy bones that are made of 100 percent wool. Dog.com sells a glow-in-the-dark whistle ball that is both non-toxic and recyclable. WestPawDesign.com sells a toy mouse that is stuffed with organically grown catnip and covered with an eco-friendly coat. And when it comes to the cat scratchers, ImperialCat.com carries are few “green” varieties that are economically priced.

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