The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Cooking

As the world is becoming just that much more aware of how important it is to take care of the planet that we live on, more individuals are switching over to using solar energy. There are many reasons why it is a wise choice. Due to the fact that solar-powered items get its energy from the sun, using it can significantly reduce energy costs, plus it keep emissions that come from coal and oil out of the air.

As it relates specifically to solar cooking, there are a few other reasons why lots of people enjoy going with this option. We have enclosed five of the main benefits that come with solar cooking below:

It keeps the trees intact. If people are not using a gas or electric stove, they may still be relying on the burning of wood in order to prepare their food. As we all know, our trees are one of our greatest resources and so when you decide to do solar cooking, it preserves the trees because you’re relying on the sun to prepare your food instead.

Solar ovens free up your time. Even those of us who like to cook sometimes don’t do it as often as we would like simply because we don’t have a lot of time to stand by our stoves and monitor the progress of what’s cooking inside of them. With a solar oven, you don’t have to. At moderate cooking temperatures, the food inside of it can be left alone for a few hours without the risk of burning. Plus, many of them are portable and so you can take them along with you from the home to the office and anywhere in between.

You can learn how to cook more organically. Although there aren’t a lot of limits to solar cooking, many experts do believe that it’s best to use the freshest foods available in order to achieve the most optimal results. Raw vegetables, new potatoes, fresh fish and wild rice are all foods that are absolutely delicious after being cooked in a solar oven, plus they are really good for you. There are plenty of recipes online. Simply go to your favorite search engine and put “solar oven recipes” in the search field.

You can make solar ovens by hand. Perhaps one of the greatest attractions to solar cooking is that it’s very economical due to the fact that many of them, you can make by hand. Although you may want to buy a solar grill for big outdoor BBQs, for smaller dishes, you can make a basic one with two cardboard boxes, some silver foil and an acrylic top. For a step-by-step set of instructions, visit Mother Earth News and put “cardboard solar cooker” in the search field.

They are a lot of fun. Elementary and high school-aged children have been making solar ovens for years. That’s because it’s both a fun and educational project. If you want to get your own children to help you out more when it comes to cooking dinner, this is a smart way to do it. They can assist with building the oven, preparing the food and cooking it as well. Plus, it’s a skill that they can carry with them for the rest the lives– definitely a huge benefit.

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