The New EcoDorm in North Carolina Is Green From Top to Bottom

These days, the environment is at the top of just about everybody’s list of concerns. Over the course of the last several years, it’s become more or less apparent that we are going to need to seriously step up our environmental efforts if we want to leave behind a nice-looking planet for the generations that are going to be coming after ours. We’ve only got one planet, and in the last decade or two, it’s come to the attention of the human race that we haven’t really done our best work when it comes to protecting said planet. Sure, we’ve been able to develop a lot of amazing technologies and have created some very incredible solutions for ourselves. While doing this, however, we’ve inflicted some very serious damage on the planet, and we need to correct this in a very major way.

What’s been nice, however, is the reaction that has been observed on a more or less global level. Everybody is trying to do their part and make sure that their actions are more sustainable and environmentally-oriented. Individuals have adopted more eco-friendly and sustainable habits and behaviors. People are doing things like upcycling and have pledged to use their heating and cooling systems less often so that they can avoid consuming energy and putting emissions into the atmosphere. Similarly, huge companies and corporations are also doing their part to take good care of the environment. Car companies are developing hybrid and electric cars. Other corporations are doing their best to make sure they pollute less and practice more sustainability. Schools are getting in on the environmental action in a very big way, and one North Carolina University seems to be seriously leading the charge.

Warren Wilson College is located in the city of Swannanoa, and has pledged to seriously go green. It’s focused its efforts on creating something known as the EcoDorm, which is bringing student sustainability to a whole new level. The building was designed from the ground up with environmental friendliness in mind, and has everything from a system for the collection of rainwater to composting toilets and a permaculture garden. Warren Wilson is a very small school, with fewer than a thousand students in attendance. It’s a lot easier for a smaller school like this to focus on more sustainable efforts, but it’s great to see that these things are being done with such enthusiasm.

Whether you aim to attend a liberal arts school like Warren Wilson or have plans to¬†get an MBA in California, there are tons of ways to make sure your life is eco-friendly while you’re in college. You can definitely take a cue from the EcoDorm at Warren Wilson College and start living your life in a more sustainable way. All you need to do is avoid behaviors and habits that unnecessarily tax the environment. When you make sure to do your part and clean up the planet, everybody wins.

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