5 Tips to Help You Save Money and Conserve Energy at the Office

Managing an office of any kind involves a lot of moving parts. One of the biggest responsibilities that you’ve got if you’re in this type of position is figuring out how to effectively manage costs while you make sure to keep profits up. An office can be a pretty expensive place, as most of them are filled with electrically-powered equipment that runs on a relatively constant basis. Many offices use up a lot of energy, which is not only expensive, but has a pretty severe impact upon the environment, as well.

Many business are trying to make sure that they practice a bit more environmental friendliness as a way to contribute to a cleaner planet, and also because it helps to save money in a pretty significant way. If you’re looking for a few relatively easy ways that you can go about cutting costs and saving energy in your office, there are some great strategies that will help you accomplish exactly that.

1. Change Air Duct Filters. It’s estimated that heating and air conditioning systems are responsible for about half of the energy costs that the modern office deals with. Thankfully enough, there are a lot of ways that you can give yourself a break on these costs. Change your filters. This is especially important during the cold months, when your office is more likely to use the heater. During this time of year, change the furnace filter at least once a month. It’s also smart to make sure you seal your ducts to protect against any costly leaks.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting System. A lot of offices use incandescent bulbs, which have a tendency to be about as energy-inefficient as they are costly. You can ditch this type of system in favor of compact fluorescent lights. These systems use about a quarter of the energy that a traditional bulb system would use, and have a tendency to last a lot longer.

3. Utilize Your Window Shades. The window shades or blinds in your office can seriously help you mitigate your heating and cooling costs. Try drawing your blinds about halfway through the day during summer, as a way of preventing the heat from getting into your office and making things stuffy. During the winter months, you can leave South-facing windows unblocked to let in the sun’s heat. Close blinds in the evening and through the night to prevent it from escaping. These ideas will help you use your heating and air conditioning systems less.

4. Unplug Electronics that Aren’t in Use. When a machine isn’t being used, unplug it. This is especially important at night, and can help you to avoid consuming too much electricity. Many of the computers and machinery in an office can stay on to some degree, even when supposedly powered off. It’s smart to unplug things as a way of making sure you’re not using any energy.

5. Get Equipment Serviced on a Regular Basis. There are a lot of maintenance costs that can be associated with running an office, but they usually wind up saving you money in the long run. Maintenance is always an important part of keeping your office running. Even more important is the fact that when machinery and equipment is serviced regularly, it functions more efficiently. This way, you’ll be sure that your office isn’t using more energy than it truly needs.

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