Top 5 Green Cleaning Tips

Environmental sustainability may be a core focus for you, but those lofty ambitions don’t take away the need to clean the house. You’ve got a busy family, with pets and kids running around and always managing to track half the world inside with them. To keep your household peaceful and comfortable and your family healthy and happy you’ve got to clean regularly. But you don’t have to sacrifice your goals of protecting and preserving Mother Nature. Here are five of the top green cleaning tips to follow.

First of all, make sure you avoid waste whenever possible. The days of balling up a mound of paper towel to handle a spill are far in the rearview mirror. Our trees are simply too precious, and there are plenty of greener alternatives. Pick up a pack of microfiber cloth instead. These ingenious little devices look simple, but they actually trap allergens and dust as you clean. They keep that stuff out of the air, and you can wash and reuse them. For greasier jobs repurpose ripped clothing or old towels.

It may sound strange, but the air quality inside your home is often far worse than it is outside. The sealed windows and doors that keep the place warm also keep air trapped where it is. Instead of using air fresheners and chemical sprays, just open the windows. The ideal situation is if you can get a cross breeze going. You’ll clean stale pollutants and toxins out of the air and naturally refresh the space.

The cleaning products most people use are absolutely terrible for the environment. They’re full of harsh chemicals, and although they may get rid of the dirt in your house, the build-up they leave behind is terrible for you. It gets on your clothes, it seeps into the carpet and the air, and if you have pets and kids you have to worry about how they are exposed. Skip those chemicals and seek out natural cleaning products instead. The vast majority of the time water with a bit of plant oil or fresh soap will do the trick. Baking soda is a powerful cleaner that isn’t abrasive at all. Vinegar and salt will both be your friend on cleaning projects as well.

Next, consider your vacuum. This is one piece of equipment that is worth investing a bit of extra money in. The higher end vacuums are bagless, which means less waste clogging up the world’s landfills. Instead, they come with HEPA quality filtration systems. You can count on these vacuums to pull the bacteria out of the air safely and effectively. And they will last for months, so the waste they create is pretty minimal.

Finally, keep in mind that the more frequently you clean, the greener it will be. Chemical products are only really necessary if dirt is left to build up. For example, mildew develops inside showers and on tile after weeks and weeks of sitting untouched. If you clean these areas every week, or even a couple times a week it just won’t come to that. Call up a greenĀ house cleaning Grand Rapids MI service if you’re unwilling to be that diligent. Perhaps you can do the weekly cleaning and then call them in for a deep clean once a week. That way you won’t have to have all of those green cleaning products on hand all the time.

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