The Top 5 Eco Friendly Hair Care Tips

Taking great care of your hair is almost always a high priority, but doing so in a way that’s good for the planet at the same time can really seem like a tough endeavor. When you’re walking through the hair care section at the grocery store, it’s tough to avoid all the chemicals and synthetic products that are prominently featured and make sure that you’re using solutions that are gentle on both your hair and the environment. We don’t want to be exposing our scalps to harsh chemicals any more than we want to expose the earth to them. These great tips will help you take care of your hair without inflicting undue harm on the planet at the same time.

1. Try to Go Organic. You don’t need to rely on chemicals for your haircare needs. Try to look for natural and/or organic resources that you can use to take care of your hair. From shampoos to dyes, there are a ton of products that you can purchase as an alternative to your typical solutions. These all-natural items might wind up costing you a little bit more when you buy them, but they can be a lot better for you in the long run as they’ll help to naturally and gently take care of your hair without messing up the environment.

2. Make Your Own Hairspray or Gel. Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty easy to make your own hair products at home, and have them be just as effective as what you might buy in the store. What’s nice, though, is that your homemade products won’t have any harsh chemicals in them. You also won’t pollute the environment in the process of making them. Try mixing one tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of tea tree oil. Use your fingertips to apply this mixture wherever you’re looking for some serious hold. Not only is this gel alternative all-natural and completely affordable, but it’ll boost your hair’s shine, as well.

3. Use Less Heat. Try lowering the amount of heat you use when you dry your hair or use any kind of heat-related process. This actually has a couple of different benefits. For one thing, it’s a lot more gentle on your hair. Whether you’re curling, blow-drying, or straightening, all that heat isn’t really so great for your beautiful locks. One strategy is to avoid drying and simply skip right ahead to straightening. Not only is this idea going to stress your hair out a lot less, but it’ll see you using less electricity in the process. This will lower your utility bills and save the environment at the very same time. Getting a better flat iron or blow drier can also help with something like this, and a Google search for something as simple as “buy Chi flat iron online” will help you find the best products available.

4. Curb Curls Naturally. Curly hair typically comes with an extra amount of responsibility, as it can be pretty tough to keep under control. There are a lot of products to help you do this, but many of them make use of chemicals that we’re pointedly trying to avoid. This is another area in which tea tree oil is going to come in handy. Use a quarter-sized amount of it to make sure that your curly locks stay where you want them to all day long.

5. Start Using Less of Everything. It’s a smart strategy to make sure that you’re not using too much of the products that you do utilize when you’re caring for your hair. Try not to shampoo every day, instead doing it every other day, or even every two days. Not only is this better for your hair, but it’ll allow you to consume less, as well. Try making an effort to be conservative when you’re buying and/or using hair care products. This way you can make sure that you save some money on your hair care, and protect the environment at the very same time.

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