The Do’s and Don’ts of Making Your Own Solar Panels

It’s no secret that solar energy has now become an absolutely viable alternative to living with complete reliance on the grid. In fact, depending on where you live you could even build up to the point when all of your power needs are fulfilled this way, leaving you able to sell extra power back to the utility companies. It’s a beautiful vision for the future, and it all starts with quality solar panels on the roof. The expense of installation is one of the things that has kept more people from taking advantage of this endless power source. Solar panels aren’t cheap; they’re an investment you make in the future of your home and the health of the planet. But one way to cut down on the expense is to make your own solar panels. Did you even know that was possible? The truth is, a solar panel is not a terribly complicated piece of machinery. You are certainly up to the task. Just follow some of these do’s and don’ts of making your own solar panels.

First off, don’t ever forget the dangers involved. While it is a simple process, it doesn’t come without more than its fair share of tricky complications. You are working with metallic elements that are designed to draw the heat of the sun. Therefore, any adjustment or maintenance can lead to serious burns. There’s also the fact that you’ll be working on the roof, and a poorly-placed step could lead to a painful, even deadly fall. And once the panels are connected in to your system you could receive a serious shock if you’re not careful. This isn’t meant to scare you, just to stress that you’ve got to keep your wits about you at all times. So always wear rubber gloves when actively working on your panels.

Although it is realistically a do-it-yourself job, you’re better off considering it a do-it-with-others project. Definitely do not work on this by yourself. With an assistant by your side you’ll have someone there to hold the ladder steady and to shadow you when you’re in a precarious situation. And if anything were to go wrong, that person will be able to quickly get help if necessary. Solar panels aren’t always light, either, so that spare pair of hands to help with the heavy lifting and pass a tool to you when needed will be very important at some crucial crossroads of the project.

While the elements are easy, putting it all together effectively is not. So definitely do not attempt this job until you’ve done the research to know how to do it correctly. For example, you don’t ever want the panels to extend out past your roof’s edge. Wind will come into play, and if you experience a bad enough storm you could lose panels in a dangerous way. This is only one example of the knowledge professional solar installation techs carry around with them. None of it is secret, so take the time to arm yourself with the step-by-step details that will make it all work. Solar panels are basically just photovoltaic cells connected into a power line, but the angle at which they are placed and the material they are covered in will always help or hurt their effectiveness. Attack this construction project with the same passion and dedication you bring to your day job, and you’ll be thrilled with the final results.

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