Transformer Furniture for a More Sustainable Home

Sustainability is one of those buzzwords that seems to be leaping off of every tongue these days. It’s no secret that conservation is a habit that has to be adopted by every single one of us. If the goal is to leave the world a better place for the children, then we all must step up our game. One of the ways you can make a huge difference in this fight is in how you approach designing your home. There are many things you can do inside those four walls that greatly shrink your carbon footprint, from installing Energy Saver devices to properly insulating the windows and doors to simply recycling as much as possible. But did you know the furniture you buy can also make a difference. Part of sustainability comes through simplicity, and using the least amount of raw materials as possible in construction. Enter transformer furniture, which can help you create a more sustainable home.

The basic idea of transformer furniture is to pack a big punch in a small container. Transformer furniture looks like one thing, but contains far more than you ever would have expected. It’s a way to minimize the clutter in your home, but it also encourages people to make smaller spaces do for their needs. As population rates continue to explode people must get used to smaller houses and apartments. Transformer furniture gives you everything that you need to live comfortably, but in a tiny package.

First of all, check out Casulo, a modular furniture design brought to you by Sebastian Muhlhauser and Marcel Krings. It’s basically a box, approximately three feet by four feet in size. It only takes two people to move it around, and mere minutes to transform it. So what can you do with such a thing? Sit on it? Well, the Casulo actually transforms into the furnishings of an entire apartment. As shocking as it may sound, that little box contains a bed, a desk, a bookcase, a standing armoire and three chairs. Every single piece of the box is useful, which means no packaging to throw out and no clutter at all.

Another great set of pieces comes to you from Japan, in the form of the Kenchikukagu. You’ll get three wooden boxes, each one on a set of wheels. But those three boxes will transform into your entire apartment. The large one stretches out to become your bed and couch. The mid-sized box opens into a computer desk, a set of shelves and a chair. And the small one is your kitchen, with a built in stove, cabinetry and a serving table. It’s expensive, but sleek and entirely useful.

Finally, check out Matroshka, a compact system that gives you everything you will need for a home in only forty-three square feet. It comes in an L-shape, and starts as a sofa and desk area. But it opens up to a bed, a dinner table and a wardrobe. The whole thing can comfortably seat twelve people, and will store everything a single person would need. Check out the website of the manufacturer to find out more. But transformer furniture really is an innovation that will simplify your life and instantly de-clutter your living space.

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