5 Eco Friendly Prom Planning Tips

This spring, as high school graduation draws near, millions of seniors will be celebrating and dancing the night away at their prom. The event is a cultural benchmark in many young people’s lives. Starting with finding a date, then deciding what to wear, then deciding how to get there (whether to take a regular limo or a stretch limo), and then finding the perfect accessories – prom can take careful planning and can end up being incredibly expensive. On average, planning and going to the prom can cost on average between $700 to $1000 dollars per high schooler. In addition, prom can also leave a huge carbon footprint. They say that if a high school student wants to both save money and be more ecologically aware, they can take the following 5 eco friendly prom planning tips.

  1. Prom dresses and suits can cost a lot of money and a lot of them are made in factories where workers are poorly treated and contribute to the green house emissions that are causing global warming. For the ladies, your “it prom dress 2013” doesn’t need to be the chicest or newest dress in style. You can always choose to purchase a vintage dress, which is usually more stylish and original, or you can find the fabric and make the dress yourself. For the guys, your prom suit can just as easily be found in a medium to high-end vintage clothing store.
  2. It is also recommended that high schoolers car pool to the prom in a greener vehicle with lower carbon emissions than a stretch limo. Many of these limos emit as much exhaust and green house gasses as a city bus. You can also fit 4 comfortably in the family sedan or get creative and take a horse and buggy. These days it’s the environment that counts and not your reputation.
  3. For the ladies, there are a number of options for eco-friendly accessories that are made out of recycled materials. Luckily, many well known designers are making their accessories out of more green materials, like recycled plastic bags and tires, which can make finding stylish items really easy.
  4. Another big contributor to green house gas emission is the beauty product industry. Many of their chemicals are tested on animals and have dangerous substances that can negatively affect our environment when they are released back into the earth. You can also go au naturel with no make-up or something a little more minimal. Also, most importantly, hair spray has been known to affect the atmosphere harmfully, so it might be wise to choose an alternative method to keeping your hair in place, like bobby pins.
  5. Lastly, if you are in charge of the party planning committee, you can always recommend that they use less paper products to decorate the prom room, use LED lights or even hire a live band. Hiring a DJ can be a huge weight on our precious energy sources, because of the amount of electrical wiring they need to set up. Your fellow students can always rock out to a live band with minimal wiring. You can even request that they play everything on the top 40 charts, which will be just like having a DJ, but better.

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