How to Design the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Home Office

Do you have a room in your house that you’re preparing to transition into a home office? If so, you’ve probably been thinking about all of the different ways that you can decorate it. Well, before you purchase a new desk or wallpaper for your office walls, we wanted to provide you with a few suggestions on how you can make your home office both beautiful and eco-friendly; tips that will be good for the environment and ultimately your bank account too.

Use some eco-friendly paint. Are you looking for an inexpensive way to make a dramatic effect in your home office? If so, you should consider painting the walls. Only, make sure to use some eco-friendly paint because it’s naturally produced, it has fewer fumes, it has less of an odor, it lasts longer and it’s extremely cost efficient. Some great brands to consider include Natura Paint, Mythic and Stark Paint.

Install “green” windows. If you don’t already have double-pane windows in your home office, you should definitely consider installing some. They are wonderful when it comes to providing more insulation in your home so that you can keep your house at a comfortable temperature year round (which helps to keep your energy costs low). Also, double-pane windows help to buffer a lot of the “outside noise” that may be going on in your neighborhood during daytime hours.

Be creative with your lighting. Natural light is not only good for your skin, but it also helps to keep you from spending so much on your electricity bills. So, after you have finished installing your windows, make sure to go with window treatments that are made from light colors and sheer fabrics (like organic cotton or bamboo). This will help to keep the room bright during daytime hours. If you do end up working after sunset, make sure that your light fixtures have florescent bulbs in them. They require less electricity than standard light bulbs, yet the last significantly longer.

Purchase energy-efficient computers. No home office is complete without at least one computer in it. If you’re trying to decide between purchasing a desktop or a laptop, we recommend going with a laptop because they use about 60 percent less energy. However, you’re in the market for another computer, a printer or you’re trying to decide between a Ringcentral fax versus NextivaFax, make sure that it has an Energy Star label on the box. That will insure you that it is an eco-friendly product.

Get some eco-friendly furniture. We definitely can’t discuss designing an eco-friendly office without mentioning how important that it is to purchase some eco-friendly furniture. First, it’s important to mention that if you have a desk or chair that you are planning to refinish or reupholster or you purchase a piece of furniture from a local thrift store, that would count as being a “green item” because you are recycling (or upcycling) a used piece. However, if you do decide to buy some new furniture, make sure that they are made from reclaimed wood, leather, bamboo, organic cotton or linoleum. All of these are considered to be “eco-friendly” materials. Plus, they are durable and extremely-long lasting. Once you have these pieces, all you’ll need is a couple of indoor plants (to absorb the toxins out of the air) and a soy candle or two and you’ll have the perfect eco-friendly home office atmosphere.

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