Will Green Coffee Bean Extract Help You Shed Pounds?

We all love coffee enough already, but imagine what a great gift it could be if those wonderful coffee beans could help us lose weight. It turns out that they just might. You’ve seen crazes like this come and go before, of course, and by now you’ve likely developed the good sense to approach such sensationalism with an equal level of skepticism. People everywhere are touting green coffee bean extract as a weight loss miracle that can help you shed pounds without the need for intense dieting or exercise. But is it true?

The miracle extract has been tested, and it does seem to work. An experiment conducted by Dr. Mehmet Oz found that in a group of 100 female volunteers, those who took the extract experienced more significant weight loss than those who were administered a placebo. Women who were given the green coffee bean extract lost an average of two pounds over the course of two weeks, while women who were given a placebo lost an average of one pound in the same time period. Other studies have turned up similar results. What makes this extract work? The answer, not surprisingly lies in science.

Green coffee bean extract does not work by pumping so much caffeine into your system that your jitters shake the extra weight off. In fact, the extract has approximately 20% of the usual caffeine content of a good cup of coffee. The active ingredient in green coffee bean extract is actually chlorogenic acid, a substance that slightly alters the metabolic process to facilitate weight loss.

Though this new craze has all the familiar symptoms of a sham, many experts on diet and medicine are being won over by its efficacy. Of course, nothing is always exactly as it seems. Many of the claims circulating around put forth the idea that green coffee bean extract will help you lose weight without changing your diet or exercise routine at all. This should set off some alarms right away. It’s a very bold claim. In fact, it is scientifically impossible. A healthy diet and exercise regimen are, and always will be, a requirement for healthy weight loss.

Also, studies into the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract have been relatively small and limited, causing many experts to question their validity. Also, every study showed that participants given placebos also lost weight, though they did not reach the same average weight loss as green coffee bean extract groups. This new extract may be effective, but it is not magic and it cannot break the laws of physics. Participants in these studies were likely motivated to lose weight already–most of them counting calories, chewing Calcet Creamy Bites, and exercising on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, we cannot reap the benefits of green coffee bean extract from our daily cup of joe. Green coffee beans are not roasted, and it is the roasting process that actually breaks down the chlorogenic acid that makes this extract do its work. In order to test this new weight loss supplement, you’ll have to try it yourself. The science behind it is solid, though often misinterpreted, and the green coffee bean may help you achieve your weight loss goals. Just don’t expect it to melt your extra pounds like magic, or you’ll likely be disappointed.

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