How to Eliminate Electrical Safety Hazards in Your Home

The statistics just don’t lie: over 30,000 people are shocked each year, 60 people are electrocuted to death, and there are nearly 500 deaths a year contributed to fires caused by faulty home electrical systems. Whether you are starting a family, are fire proofing the home, or are trying to save money on your next electricity bill, making sure that your home is free from the risks caused by your electrical system is crucial. There are thousands of injuries and fires caused each year from not properly making sure that things like outlets aren’t too close to furniture and that wires aren’t frayed. The last thing you want is to become just another statistic. Here is how to eliminate electrical safety hazards in your home.

For one, make sure that all your electronic gadget wires are not frayed or worn so as to expose any of the underlying circuitry. One of the best ways to cause shock, electrocution or fire is to have to have these frayed types of wires exposed. Fire and safety specialists recommend that you either repair the wire or buy new equipment to eliminate the safety hazard. That plastic protective covering is on the wires for a reason: so that it can’t hurt you when you plug it in and so it won’t be a fire risk.

Next, if you have small children make sure that all the electrical outlets in the house are covered. This might seem like an enormous annoyance, but thousands of children a year are just too tempted not to put their fingers in the electrical sockets. There are many alternatives to just plugging in plastic stoppers. You can purchase new face plates for the outlets that must pushed to the side to plug things in or you can even move all your outlets higher than a few feet or even hide them underneath furniture.

Always follow the wattage requirement on lamps and other fixtures in your home. One of the best ways to start a fire is to have a bulb that is too hot for a certain fixture. What can happen is that it will overheat and if you are not looking or out of the house it can explode and cause a fire. If you have children it can cause burns or other injuries. Also, having bulbs that burn to hot can be a huge burden on your utility bill. You can go to to find out more and even sign up to get huge discounts on your next energy bill.

Lastly, always make sure that your electronic equipment is not plugged in around water, that wires aren’t causing a nest and that you don’t have too many extension cords plugged into one outlet. The easiest way to start a fire or to cause an injury due to an electrical hazard is to have too many things plugged in at once. If you have children, animals or want to reduce fire hazards, making sure that your electrical system is in order is your first line of defense.

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