5 Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

We all have moments when we experience some kind of bodily pain. It could be muscle soreness from our daily workout regimen, cramps due to our menstrual cycle, inflammatory pain due to poor body circulation, swelling around our gums due to a case of gingivitis or some other underlying reason for the aches and pains that we feel.

And while there are certainly a lot of medications on the market to choose from, there are also some natural remedies (ones that tend to have far less side effects) that you should consider to. If you’re curious about the natural remedies that are at your disposal when it comes to pain relief, we’ve offered you a list of five of them below:

Aloe Vera. Customarily, people associate Aloe Vera as a great gel that can be applied to help soothe skin burns and abrasions (including sunburns). However, when it comes to relieving pain, it can actually do a lot more than that. Because it helps to promote cell growth in the muscles and joints, Aloe Vera in liquid form is also a wonderful anti-inflammatory and has been proven to help with the discomfort that comes with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and sore muscles.

Tumeric. A particular spice that is well-known for treating aches and pains is turmeric. That’s because it also has anti-inflammatory (as well as anti-cancer) properties that aid in improving blood circulation and preventing blood clotting. So, if you happen to have a sprain, strain or bruise, this is definitely something to consider adding to your diet.

Valerian Root. An herb that is wonderful for reducing our nerve sensitivity to pain is valerian root. If you find yourself having stomach cramps or discomfort, if you are experiencing high levels of stress or even if you have a mild case of insomnia, sipping some valerian root tea (which you should be able to find in the health food section of your local grocery store) should help you to feel much better.

Ginger. Speaking of teas that you can drink that provide pain relief, ginger is another one that you can add to the list. It also has very strong anti-inflammatory properties that causes it to be a powerful painkiller, plus it also serves as a natural heartburn remedy; it helps to alleviate menstrual cramps; it soothes nausea symptoms that are directly contributed to pregnancy and during a migraine headache, it even has the ability to stop prostaglandins from irritating the blood vessels in your head, which ultimately stops the throbbing sensations that you feel.

Eucommia. When it comes to¬†advanced pain management, something else to consider trying is an herbal remedy that many traditional Chinese medical practitioners use and that is eucommia. Whether it’s back or joint pain (especially in the knee and hip area), it works wonders as it directly relates to healing body tissue. However, because of its potency, make sure to not take this particular supplement without speaking with your doctor or homeopath first. This is definitely something that you must do if you suffer from high blood pressure because sometimes eucommia can cause some unwanted side effects when mixed with blood pressure medication. However, if your doctor approves it, you should start to feel natural pain relief in no time.

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