Solar Powered Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Modern homeowners are lucky in so many ways. As technology advances we are presented with a variety of way to increase efficiency and cut consumption within the home, saving money and doing our part to further our environmental ideals in the process. And although most people start with simple changes like recycling or riding bikes instead of taking the car for local errands, it doesn’t take long to realize that technology can allow for a much larger positive impact when it comes to going green around the house. And there are such a broad range of solutions that allow for homeowners working with any kind of budget (financial, temporal, etc.) that there truly is something for everyone. However, if you’re looking for ways to reduce consumption when it comes to your interior lighting, in particular, here are just a few solar powered options that you might find appealing.

The first and easiest way to light your home with the power of the sun is to open every shade and shutter in the place and let the sunshine in. When you’re using natural light throughout the day you won’t have nearly as much call for the electric variety. And if you happen to live in a hot climate, simply install energy film on every window as a way to get the illumination you want while tempering the heat-producing rays that can turn your abode into an oven. But what if you don’t have access to a lot of natural light due to location or nearby structures? In this case you have a couple of options.

For one thing you could install mirrors throughout your home as a way to bounce light and optimize whatever sunshine happens to filter in. You may have to work on strategic placement of mirrors if you want to bounce light to dreary back rooms that are devoid of windows or that simply don’t face the sun during the day, but if you hit up garage sales in search of cheap mirrors you can create kitschy wall are, increase interior lighting, and keep your tight budget intact in the process. On the other hand, you could also consider splurging on fiber optic sunlight transport systems that actually take the sun hitting your roof and feed it through fiber optic cabling directly to light boxes installed in dim areas of your home. This option will actually provide diffuse, natural light indoors, as if you had skylights. Or you could install skylights.

But you might want to take it even a step further and go all out with solar panels. These will cost you up front, no doubt, but the end result is that you can meet all of your energy needs, including interior lighting, without drawing electricity from the grid. So the cost of installation, maintenance, and so on will virtually be covered in the long run by the very products themselves. The amount of money you can save on utility bills over the life of the average solar array will leave you in the black eventually. In addition, you can install energy-savingĀ CFL lights or LED bulbs to save even more energy. Going green may entail some time, effort, and expense, but when it comes to keeping your home well lit, there are plenty of options for every homeowner.

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