5 Eco Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Without a/Cs

Now that summer is here, people across America are searching for the best ways to keep cool. On a nice weekend that probably means heading to the beach or hitting up the closest pool you can find, alternating between laying out in the hot sun and jumping into the water. But not everyone is lucky enough to find these spots. Perhaps you have a busy schedule, maybe you live in a landlocked region or simply can’t afford to take vacation days to escape the heat. As an alternative, people tend to crank up their air conditioning and stay inside when things get really hot and humid. But what if you don’t have air conditioning, or if the expense of keeping it running all summer is prohibitive? You’ll have to find alternatives that work. Here are five eco friendly ways to keep your home cool without A/C.

Did you know that ceiling fans are a powerful alternative? The great thing about ceiling fans is that they don’t take a lot of energy to maintain, making them one of the more eco friendly options on the table. But the way they move air through the room will consistently keep your home far cooler than the outside temperature. Paired with keeping the windows open you’ll have a nice cross breeze to cool you off on even the warmest days.

Speaking of cross breeze, you should also look for opportunities to utilize box fans in your windows. This will work quite well if you have windows at both ends of your home. Keep them wide open, and place a quality box fan in the window that the breeze is coming through. You’ll have steady air moving through the house, which will keep things from getting stale and lower the inside temperature by a significant margin.

There are other things you can do in your home that take no energy whatsoever. First of all, look for a quality set of blackout shades. If you draw these down to the top of the window’s opening, you’ll drastically cut down on the amount of sunlight that blasts into the room. It’s the heat from the sun that kicks up the temperature, so keeping things shady will surely lower the temperature. If you can pair that with quality insulation in the attic, you’ll have a far smaller challenge to contend with when trying to cool off your home.

Next, consider cutting down on the heat you generate in the kitchen. Running your oven for elaborate meals not only takes a lot of energy, but raises the temperature in the kitchen and in the surrounding rooms. Consider using a toaster oven for reheating leftovers instead of getting the large oven going. You might even want to use a microwave, which will heat your meals far quicker without giving off the heat that other appliances do. The goal is to avoid creating any additional heat, and this will certainly help. You might also want to turn the lights off in rooms you aren’t using. The long summer days should provide enough light for you to work with in most instances.

Finally, think about your landscaping. There are plenty of natural ways to cool your home from the outside, and one of them is creating some extra shade. Consider planting trees near the house that provide shade for the roof. This will help keep the sun off of your house, while providing you with more cool spots to relax in around your property. There’s a nice added side effect to this as well. Planting additional greenery around the property will actually help improve indoor air quality as well.

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