Green HVAC Options for a More Energy Efficient Home

About 100 million tons of carbon dioxide and mercury are being released into the atmosphere each year – all from power plants desperately trying to supply power to keep people’s heating and air conditioning systems running all year round. These emissions are wreaking all kinds of havoc. The consequences range from causing wild fluctuations in temperatures globally, increasing natural disasters, like hurricanes and floods, to increasingly huge adverse health effects on you and your children. If you want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint there are a number of more eco-conscious choices to keep your home’s temperature regulated. Here are some green HVAC options for a more energy efficient home.

First, one of the best ways to make your home more energy efficient is to replace your manual thermostats with programmable thermostats. Manual thermostats are a great option for controlling your home’s temperature, but what happens when the weather changes throughout the day? Some regions are colder in the morning and hotter at night, and vice versa depending on the season. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set different temperatures throughout the day so that you never have to worry about being too hot or cold, and you can rest assured that you are making a much lighter impact on the environment.

It might also be wise to install double pane windows in your home. If you live in an area that has extreme variations in temperatures, you will be relying on your heating and cooling system to not only keep you comfortable, but also alive during insufferably extreme weather conditions. However, by installing double pane glass, you can effectively cut down the amount of time you need to run your system in half, because double pane glass has better temperature retention.

Next, it might also be smart to ditch your ducts altogether. Sometimes your ducts can get old, leaky and noisy – and they can be incredibly inefficient. However, installing a ductless air conditioning system or ceiling fans can cut down the energy needed to cool your home by almost 50%. There is also the option of getting an outdoor heat pump, which uses reverse transference to turn warm air into cool air to keep your home regulated in the summertime. These heat pump systems are quickly rising in popularity as a great, low cost energy efficient way to keep your home warm or cool depending on what season it is.

Lastly, why not switch to solar power? Advancements in solar power technology have gotten to the point where solar powered heating and air conditioning systems are more efficient than ever. Now you don’t need to switch your system to electricity when there is not enough sunlight – the solar panels of today absorb enough sunlight so that your home can go months without direct sunlight hitting it. It is generally more expensive to install, but in the long run you will not only make your money back with all the energy savings, but you are also reducing your carbon impact on the environment. In addition, if you live in a particularly sunny region, the power company could actually owe you money for once.

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