Natural Ways to Remove Mold in Your Bathroom

If you look around your house and you notice unexplainable condensation, water stains or leaks on your walls, rust, warping of your wood or even a faint moldy smell, all of these are clear indications that you probably have mold somewhere in your home. And more specifically, if you see fuzzy spores growing in between your tiles or the grout in your bathroom, then you definitely need to act quickly to remove it.

While there are some commercial products that are specifically designed to remove mold, the reality is that most of them come with chemicals that are loaded with toxins. That’s why we wanted to provide you with a few natural ways to remove mold in your bathroom—ones that are cheap, safe and very effective.

Vinegar. A very popular way to naturally remove mold is by using some white distilled vinegar. All you need to do is pour some of the vinegar into an empty spray bottle and spray the areas where you see mold stains. Let it sit for about an hour and then wipe clean.

Baking soda. It’s amazing how many things a $1 box of baking soda can do. It can clean your teeth, deodorize your refrigerator and carpets and yes, it can even help to remove mold. Just get out a bowl and make a paste that consists of 50 percent baking soda and 50 percent water. With an old toothbrush, scrub the stained areas lightly with the solution. Let the paste dry, rinse off with water and then reapply the paste three more times. After you have rinsed off the surface the third time, put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into a spray bottle of water and spray it on the cleaned area, allowing it to dry. That will help to create a protective coating to prevent baking soda from recurring.

Hydrogen peroxide. There aren’t too many houses that don’t have a bottle of peroxide in them. That’s a good thing because it’s also a fairly effective way to get rid of mold in the bathroom. If you would prefer to go with this option, what you need to do is mix two parts water with one part of a 3 percent brand of peroxide. This also can go into a spray bottle. Simply spray it onto the mold, allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes, scrub the area with a brush and then wipe clean.

Grapefruit seed extract. Sometimes in the peak of the summer season, we don’t stop to think to ask questions likeĀ how do air conditioners work unless they breakdown. However, if you start to notice that water is dripping from them and you ignore it, overtime, that could also lead to a growth of mold inside of your home. If you have a portable unit inside of your bathroom and you start to see some mold, first purchase an exhaust fan to remove some of the humidity. Secondly, combine 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract oil to one cup of water. Also put this in a spray bottle, spray the mold and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wipe the mold remains and rinse and repeat.

Borax. Something else that is pretty popular for treating mold is borax. All you need is to add one cup to a gallon of water, apply the solution to the mold, scrub with a brush and then vacuum the remaining debris. It’s important when you’re done not to rinse off the area; just allow it to air dry and a barrier will naturally form to keep mold from coming back. It’s another quick and easy way to get rid of the mold on your bathroom surfaces, for sure.

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