Can You Reduce Energy Costs by Replacing Your Old AC?

No matter what kind of salary you may earn, if there’s one thing that pretty much everyone has in common, it’s the desire to find ways to save money. One of the easiest ways to do that is by doing the kinds of things that will help to reduce your energy costs within your home such as installing a programmable thermostat and low flow showerhead, using natural light, checking for window cracks and also replacing your old air conditioner (AC).

If you’ve never really thought about how getting a new AC can prove to be financially beneficial for you, we’ve enclosed five good reasons for you to consider below:

They are more energy efficient. These days, manufacturers of products are just as conscious of the environment as consumers are. So, when it comes to AC units, they tend to have a fairly high SEER rating. If you’re not familiar with what that is, it’s basically what measures the efficiency of a particular system. If you have a 10-year-old AC, its rating is probably around 8. If you purchase a new Energy Star one, its rating is going to be close to 14.5. The higher rating the better because that means it’s going to use a significantly less amount of energy.

They are will lower your utility bills. When you use less energy, automatically you’re going to spend less money. There are studies which reflect that by purchasing a newer AC, you could find yourself using anywhere from 28 to 56 percent less energy. That results in you having lower utility bills.

They are going to give you better air quality. Due to the fact that newer systems have better humidity controls, this means that you’ll also get better air quality because they will help to pull more indoor pollutants out of the air. This lowers your chance for getting sick and spending time, money and “energy” to get well.

They are going to have eco-friendly coolant in them. Something else that can make getting a new AC beneficial is the fact that because newer units tend to be “greener”, this means that the refrigerant that goes into them are as well. Therefore, most new ACs have refrigerant inside of them that are both EPA-approved as well as chlorine free. Plus, being that they are more eco-friendly, this can result in them being a cheaper price too.

They are going to provide you a tax credit. Thanks to theĀ advances in air conditioning technology, another benefit that can come with getting a new AC is that it can end up saving you a few dollars during tax season. The reason why is because President Obama signed what is known as the American Tax Relief Act of 2012. This bill allows individuals to receive tax credits if they have installed a heating or cooling unit between 2012 and the end of 2013. Although there are specific guidelines as it relates to them, some people can earn as much as 30 percent off of the cost of their AC unit. That’s just one more good reason to replace your old AC soon.

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