5 Reasons to Recycle or Donate Your Old Computer

Technological gadgets seem to evolve at faster and faster rates. A computer that you bought only one year ago might not be obsolete, but it’s likely to be out of fashion. Did you know that over 50 million tons of computers and gadgets are disposed of each year – 70% becomes toxic waste – and only about 12% is recycled? These shocking statistics mean only one thing: we need more of an initiative to donate or recycle our old computers. Not only is donating and recycling your computer good for the environment, but it could also give someone else the unique opportunity of wielding the power of information and infinite knowledge. Here are 5 reasons to donate or recycle your old computer.

  1. Cash. There are many organizations that will give you cash just for recycling your old computer. Many of these places won’t actually use your old computer, but they will sell the parts inside – specifically the metal parts and some components of the battery compartment. You might not get much for your old computer – especially if it is really old – but if you have a closet full of old computers, you might get enough to pay a bill or two.
  2. Tax breaks. If you donate your old computer to a charitable organization, that organization will give you a tax-deductible receipt so that you can take that money off your next tax return. Most charities will either sell the computer for parts or they will donate it to people who are less fortunate. Sometimes they will send the computers to third world countries – especially to those who might be able use your old computer as a tool to gain an income. Each computer you donate could contribute to the positive future of someone who doesn’t have the same opportunities as you.
  3. Good for the environment. Again, e-waste contributes to millions of tons of pollution in the earth’s landfills, which then contribute to the pollution of our atmosphere and cities. Most of the time it’s a chain reaction, because not only are computers not biodegradable, but they also leak harmful chemicals into the soil, which can negatively affect the groundwater and drinking water. Recycling your old computer doesn’t carry these risks.
  4. Charity. There are a number of people who need computers. Whether it is poor families who can use the computer to find jobs and even work from home, or for organizations that need computing tools to complete their charitable missions. On top of the tax breaks you can receive, the charitable reasons should be your main motivator. As computers are quickly becoming more and more vital for us to have, it is important that they are in the hands of as many people as possible. Just remember to take your ProLiant memory card with you or else other people might get a peak at your confidential information.
  5. No more clutter. Old computers can start to take up a lot of space in your home. By donating or recycling your computer you can keep your home clear and free of clutter.

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