5 Eco Friendly Cooling Tips to Cut Air Conditioning Costs at Home

As the summer goes by, people will be spending over a billion dollars on cooling their homes using traditional air conditioning methods. This usage translates to roughly 100 tons of carbon emissions – about two tons per household. At this point, saving energy is not only about saving energy, it is about saving the planet. Researchers say that if we don’t collectively band together to reduce our reliance on air conditioners, that the global warming issue will become drastically worse – more than any climate researcher could ever predict. Here are five eco friendly cooling tips to cut air conditioning costs at home.

  1. Use your overhead fans – if you have them. If you don’t, you might want to think about installing them. By turning on the overhead fans and turning the thermostat on your air conditioner down by 3 degrees, you can effectively reduce the cooling costs by almost 20%. However, you want to make sure to shut off the fans when you leave the room – just like you would a light switch – because overhead fans are for your comfort while you in a specific room of your home.
  2. Pull your shades down when you leave your home for the day. One of the biggest sources of heat in your home is the sun pouring through windows during the peak of the day. In fact, direct sunlight can end up making your home feel warmer on the inside than it does on the outside. You can even install special shades that can further deflect the heat, so that you can come home and not feel like you are stepping right into a sauna. It will also cut air conditioning costs, because you won’t need to leave the A/C running all day.
  3. Order take-out. Your oven will feel like a furnace when you are trying to beat the heat and not rely so much on your air conditioning system. So, instead of making big meals that require the oven to cook them, why not utilize your stove top, make salads, or use the outdoor barbecue – anything so that you don’t have to run your oven. If you have to run your oven, make sure to do so at night and with the windows wide open.
  4. Repair your air conditioner so it is more efficient. One of the best ways to cut air conditioning costs is to repair and perform maintenance on your air conditioning system. Maybe all you need is a new filter, but you might also have some bigger repairs. For instance, your air conditioner coils might be out of shape or the fan is broken.
  5. Make sure that your ductwork doesn’t have any serious leaks. You might not know it, but you could be losing upwards of 30% of your home’s energy as a result to leaks in the ductwork. If you want to cool your home evenly and efficiently, always make sure the ductwork is sealed and in working order.

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