5 Reasons to Invest in Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Home

These days energy efficiency isn’t only a good idea, but an absolute must. And if you are a homeowner, there is simply no reason to delay looking for ways to upgrade the efficiency of your house. Some people in your life may be trying to guilt you into doing more for the environment, while driving their hybrid automobiles and only buying organic foods. But there are plenty of other reasons this is a great idea beyond saving Mother Earth. You owe it to yourself to look at all possible options, and the more you are able to handle today, the longer you will reap the benefits. Here are just five of the reasons you should invest in energy efficient upgrades for your home.

First and foremost, it will save you a bunch of money. This is crucial these days, with the down economy making it more difficult than ever to afford the usual elements required to run your household. By scheduling an energy audit and ferreting out all of the energy inefficiencies in your home you will absolutely see a difference in your monthly bills. It may start out small, but during those heavy heating and cooling months the change could be significant. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars a year, and that money might make a huge difference in other areas of your life.

Energy efficiency in the home will also save you time. How is that possible exactly? Start off by thinking about your appliances. How long do you spend right now waiting for your oven to heat up, or waiting for the dry cycle to complete on the dishwasher? It’s really only five or ten minutes here and there, but over weeks and months all of those minutes lead up to hours. If you wanted to do the calculations you might find you even spend whole days over the course of the year just waiting for the stove to heat to the right temperature. That’s ridiculously inefficient, and that time can certainly be used elsewhere.

By upgrading your home’s energy efficiency you are also investing in your potential retirement plan. Your house may well be the largest investment in your portfolio. Most people don’t get involved in the stock market, but do end up owning a piece of real estate. You’re counting on a return on that investment to help you afford a bigger, better house further down the line, or to help you transition from the workforce into retirement with less concern someday. Energy efficient homes regularly retain their value, and sell for higher prices than older, standard homes do.

Of course, your green-centric friends aren’t wrong. Investing in energy efficient upgrades helps out the planet. It’s no secret that climate change is a real issue, but whether or not you believe that is a manmade problem, there’s no escaping the reality that we are running out of the earth’s finite resources. By installing solar panels, putting in Energy Star rated appliances or building a recycling water system you are contributing to a better tomorrow. This may not cause an impact you’ll feel in your lifetime, but if you have children you know all too well that’s not the only concern.

Finally, all of those energy efficient upgrades are making you less reliant on the country’s power grid. If you hold any fears about future natural disasters and want to make sure your family is protected if the worst were to occur, this might be all the reason you need. Some people are able to make their home so energy efficient that they actually generate their own utilities, with enough power to run theirĀ home heating and cooling systems and even sell excess energy back into the grid. It brings an incredible sense of freedom, and it’s not even that difficult if you take the time to research the proper approach.

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