4 Type of Nails to Use on a Patio Deck

When we try to find perfect nails for the patio deck, we need to know that we need outdoor nails. There are actually several options on materials, sizes, shapes, as well as the coatings. Each serves differently and has different durability and strength as well. Here are the major types:

#1. Ring and Spiral Shank Nail

Most of this nail is available on smooth shape. Both gives extra power on gripping which is beneficial. Many people recommend this nail to reduce pop out problem which is dangerous and tiring. People using this nail also claim serious reduction on squeak and loose planks problems.

#2. Electro Galvanized

For years, galvanized nails are known to be very practical and easy to install. The making process makes the particular nail to get smooth shape. It makes the nails easily slip into the deck. It is also available on boxes as well as on strips for nail guns.

#3. Hot Dipped Galvanized

This particular nail is a little bit rougher than the previous version. The hot dipp was zinc that resists moisture as well as corrosion. It makes very strong and durable nail, but we must be aware that it will eventually get exposed to both corrosion and moisture when the coat is ripped.

#4. Stainless Steel

This makes the best choice right now. Stainless steel does not corrode so it has super satisfying longevity. It is light and does not make discoloration. So far, it is the most expensive choice but it offers a lot better condition, grip, and durability.

Patio deck nails need to be more than just durable. It should be able to stand against corrosion. Knowing the entire types enables us to decide which one is the best for our patio. Do not forget to consider climate and outdoor exposure on your patio when making decision.

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