5 Easy and Effective Branding Techniques for Green Startups

Everyone loves a green business, especially with the environment the way it is and global warming becoming such a perilous concern. The real question, though, is how you brand and market your green business. A green startup is just another green startup until a brand identity and vision has been identified. Best of all, you don’t need to have a big budget to brand your startup efficiently – all you really have to do is push your brand in the right direction and see what happens. Here are five easy and effective branding techniques for green startups.

  1. Create a video that explains some of your green initiatives. Video is an incredibly effective medium to get the word out to people about different topics, concepts and brand missions. Perhaps your CEO or some other head of the startup can create a small speech and then read it in front of a camera. You could even find someone that is good with computers and different video editing applications to put together some fun infographics that illustrate different statistics.
  2. Make your green initiatives visible. Is you office solar powered? Are your products energy efficient? When you market your brand, you want to make sure people know that your products are green. You want to include messages on tags, receipts, boxes and anywhere that your product goes. You might even want to include some green in your logo, just so everyone knows that your product is green. Also, if your office is energy efficient or if you use some kind of alternative source of energy for your factory, make sure to have it tested and then use those numbers to market your brand.
  3. Start a coalition. If you are a green business, perhaps you can join forces with other green businesses – businesses that are more established and recognizable. Perhaps you can create an organization for your business and invite other brands to be involved. This can be a great way to get your green startup front and center with some of the bigger players in the industry, which can ultimately help your business seek a little recognition too. When it comes down to it, you are also helping out the environment, so it’s a win, win situation.
  4. Use the power of social marketing. There are many ways to reach potential customers online, which include linking your brand with socially relevant enterprises, like artists and musicians. For instance, SonicBids links brands with music promoters and musical acts. Perhaps your green startup could sponsor a big event that will be attended by thousands of people. Perhaps you can put your logo and banner in strategically visible locations to gain some exposure. This kind of brand recognition is invaluable.
  5. Start placing your website on different blogs. Not only can this boost SEO, but it can also help brand your business. The more you can get organic traffic to your website, the more you can brand your business. The idea is to get your business out there as far and wide as possible.

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