A Group of Innovative MBA Students Create an Eco Friendly Notebook

Definitely one of the best things about enrolling in business school is that it gives you an opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals; not just people who desire to do well in the business world but those who also have a natural spirit of entrepreneurship. A great example of this would be a group of MBA students from the University of Ottawa who are currently making headlines.

One thing that is pretty common in business school classes is that assignments are given which encourage students to tap into their creative side. Well, one assignment that this particular set of students was given actually turned into an invention so ingenious and innovative that they have implemented a Kickstarter campaign in hopes that people will support it. Already, many people have and we’re predicting that many more will.

Here’s why. What the students actually invented was an eco-friendly notebook that goes by the name, Wipebook. What you can do with Wipebook is jot down pretty much any kind of idea or sketch that you might have, in a variety of ink colors. Then, when you are done, all you have to do is erase them.

Being that the Wipebook is a bound notebook that is similar to the traditional paper notebooks that many of us use, you are able to have the benefits of a whiteboard while maintaining the convenience of a notebook. That’s right, it’s so portable that you can take it virtually anywhere that you want to go.

Once the students designed the prototype of the Wipebook, because they received such positive feedback, they then created a 2.0 version of it. That was when they started the Kickstarter campaign in hopes that they could make at least $4,000 (Canadian) in order to further their efforts. The response that they got was so much more than that. In fact, to date, they have raised more than $200,000.

And they are still constantly improving on the notebook. One of the latest developments with the Wipebook 2.0 is that once something has been drawn on the notebook and then erased, there is no “ghosting” left behind; meaning, there are not traces of what was previously drawn on the notebook. Thanks to the new kind of gloss that is on the pages, it is easier to work on and you can use virtually any kind of correctable marker and dry eraser on it.

Currently, the Wipebook is 8.5×11 inches, has 25 double-sided pages inside of it and you can even “unbound the pages” so that you can scan your writings and sketches if you would like. Plus, there are blank, lined and grid pages for you to choose from. Reportedly, the original Wipebook is becoming so popular that plans of a Mini Wipebook are already in the works.

And while only time will tell how long these Wipebooks will last under the wear and tear of daily use, one thing is for certain: a simple assignment has turned into an awesome invention, giving proof of just one more reason why it can be a smart decision to enroll in business school.

For more information on the Wipebook, visit Wipebook.com.

For more information on going to business school online, visit http://www.onlinemba.umd.edu.

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