5 Major Reasons It Pays to Start Living Off the Grid

You hear about people living off the grid all the time. It is a romantic thought: no cell phone, no bank account, no attachment to earthly possessions – just you and the great wide open. In this hyper-modern world, it seems like a foreign and sometimes unappetizing lifestyle for most people – it also seems impossible. However, there is a certain comfort and peace that comes with living off the grid. Psychologists and doctors say that stress is becoming one of the primary causes of death for people living on the grid – with work, finances, television and a whole host other concerns, it makes sense. Here are five major reasons why it pays to start living off the grid.

  1. Less stress. Sure, there may be some stress involved with living off the grid – wondering where you are going to get food for dinner and whether you have to dig yourself out of a snow bank to leave your home in the morning – but it is nothing compared with the stress and anxiety of being on the grid. Living off the grid allows you a life of being free from many of constraints of modern life. If stress is literally killing us, perhaps living off the grid is the only way to save your life.
  2. You save money. When you live off the grid, you subsist using only natural resources. Many of these natural resources are bountiful all year long. For instance, the sun is a renewable source of energy that can be used for warmth and electricity. Aren’t you sick of paying exorbitant energy bills? If you are thinking of going off the grid, you can simply visit Renogy and equip your living arrangement with solar panels. With plenty of sun and a fire to keep you warm at night, you will be free from the shackles of high energy bills.
  3. More clarity. Living off the grid will offer you a chance to really explore who you are. In the modern world, it can be hard to stop and smell the roses – sometimes literally. Most of us are caught up in race of trying to find success, so we go to work every morning and by the end of the day, we’re just exhausted and unmotivated. Living off the grid offers you a chance to really live life.
  4. Closer to nature. There have been many philosophers who say that the only way to truly live is to be close to nature. Most of us think that buying a new television or a new outfit is the best way to experience happiness, but instinctually, we have evolved to appreciate nature. So, going off the grid can give individuals an opportunity to experience nature in all its glory.
  5. More time to do what you want. When you live off the grid, the only work you will be doing is living. This can actually be quite a liberating feeling. Imagine not having to set your alarm in the morning. Imagine not hitting the snooze button a hundred times until you actually wake up. When you are off the grid, you fall asleep with the dark and wake up with the sun. Some say it is the purest way to live.

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