We Replaced Our Old deck for Our Grandchildren’s Safety

At one time, we had a back deck constructed of wood. When the deck was first constructed, it was nice enough. However, over the years, the sun, wind, rain and snow did their part to reduce our deck to a rickety, worn and even dangerous structure. Little did we know that this would lead to an accident that could have easily been prevented.

Our grandchildren, ages six and eight, were over at our house one weekend. We were sitting out on the back deck enjoying the nice fall weather. I was showing the youngsters the birds that frequented our backyard.The youngest of our two grandchildren walked over to the edge of the deck to get a better look at the birds and leaned on the railing. All at once, the weak, rotted wood gave way and over the edge she went.

Of course, her grandfather and I were beside ourselves with worry. Fortunately, she was not hurt. That is only because our deck was low to the ground, so all she suffered was a scratched hand and a tear in her jeans. We learned our lesson, though, and immediately called a contractor to tear down our current deck and build a new one. We chose Rhino Deck composite materials due to durability and low maintenance. Once the new deck was constructed, we had our grandchildren over once again. This time we had no fear of them leaning on the deck rail: We knew it was safe and would remain so for decades to come.

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