5 Eco-Friendly Car Care and Maintenance Tips

If you happen to be someone who puts forth a concerted effort to do all that you can to help to preserve our environment, we commend you. That’s definitely a great daily goal to have. Yet even if you do things like recycle or buy used clothes or even compost, have you ever taken out a moment to think about if you are caring for your car in an eco-friendly way?

If you’d like a few proven tips on things that you can do that will help you to care for and maintenance your car in a “green” way, we have five that you should check out below:

Keep your car clean. One of the best ways to care for your car in an eco-friendly kind of way is to keep it clean at all times. For instance, you might want to implement a no drinking or eating rule in your car. The reason why this is a “green” tip is because the less stains you get on your car seats or carpeting, the less you’ll have to rely on commercial cleaning products—ones that tend to contact chemicals and toxins—to clean them up.

Use eco-friendly car products. Speaking of cleaning products, luckily, there are a lot of eco-friendly ones on the market. One of our favorites is Eco Touch. There are also homemade car cleaning solutions that you can make. For instance, you can use liquid castile soap and water to wash your car and you can pour white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle in order to clean your windows.

Put rubber mats on the floor. Although most cars have carpeted floor mats, we think that you should swap them out for rubber mats. The reason why is that a lot of rubber mats are made out of recycled rubber. Plus, when it’s time to clean them, you can simply take them out of your car and rinse them off with a hose rather than relying on strong shampoo products to clean the carpets. That means you’re maintaining your mats in a way that’s better for the environment; plus it’s cheaper too.

Replace air filters regularly. Say that you’re preparing to move to Arizona and you’ve been getting your car ready for the trip by looking online to¬†compare Arizona auto insurance quotes and also by taking your car into your mechanic to get it serviced. Well, as they’re checking your tire pressure and spark plugs and changing your oil, something else that your mechanic will do is look to see if you need to replace your air filters. Clogged filters affect the quality of the air that you breathe as well as what goes out into the atmosphere; clean filters are better for you and the environment.

Get some dusting cloths. One more eco-friendly care car tip that you should consider is purchasing some dusting cloths. They are designed to remove dust, debris and dander from your dashboard and other features in your car so that you won’t have to purchase chemically-based items to clean them instead. You can pick up a package of dusting cloths at Amazon, Guards Man and Wal-Mart.

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