5 Reasons to Make an Effort to Conserve Energy for Your Small Business

When you’re an individual who runs your own company, aside from offering a great service or product and also making sure that your customers are pleased, we’re pretty sure that one of your other top concerns is finding ways to save as much money as possible.

Well, did you know that one proven way that you can do that while also helping to protect the environment at the same time is to conserve energy? If you’d like to know a bit more about all of the benefits that come with “living green”, even at work, we’ve got five great reasons for you below:

Conserving energy saves you money. There are a lot of people who pay more money on their energy costs than they should simply because they do not make smart energy efficient choices. By doing simple things like using laptops instead of desktops, installing automatic faucets in your bathroom and break room and unplugging electronics at the end of the business day, they can significantly reduce your electric and water bills.

Conserving energy reduces emissions. When businesses do not use solar energy (energy that comes from the sun), they are relying on fuel and when that fuel burns, it puts gases into the atmosphere. But, the less energy you use, the less fuel that burns which means the less emissions are in the air. Yes, conserving energy makes the air cleaner to breathe.

Conserving energy preserves your resources. By putting forth the concerted effort to conserve energy, it can also help you to preserve your office resources. For instance, by emailing more than printing documents, you can use less paper and by purchasing refurbished equipment instead of new items, not only are you supporting recycling but you can save money as well. Also, if you have print cartridges, once they run out of ink, rather than tossing the old ones and buying new ones, have them refilled at a place like Walgreens instead. That way, they can last longer.

Conserving energy educates your staff. If you were to ever watch the Ambit Energy official Twitter channel and they ran a special on energy conservation for business , one of the benefits that they would probably mention is being eco-friendly tends to have a domino effect. In other words, the more smart energy choices that you make, the more you have to educate your staff about. That’s why it’s actually a good idea to create an employee booklet on various ways for them to save energy. Then they can apply some of those tips at home too.

Conserving energy improves your quality of life. Another great reason to try and conserve energy at your place of business is that it improves the quality of your life and your company. By doing things like putting up thermal curtains or tinting your windows, you can keep the rooms of your office at a more comfortable temperature. By installing a low-flow toilet, you can save on your monthly water bill. And most importantly, by being proactive about being energy efficient in the workplace, it can make your office more productive and also more efficient. For more information on energy efficiency, visit Energy.gov.

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