5 Reasons to Go Solar at Home in 2014

If you’ve been contemplating the prospect of installing solar panels to power your home, this could be the year that you finally decide to go ahead with it. The economy is finally starting to stabilize, the job market is rebounding, and the housing market has seen encouraging growth over the last several months. But setting aside economic concerns, it’s never too soon to stop relying on the burning of fossil fuels for power and make the switch to a clean andĀ renewable energy source. Here are just a few good reasons to go solar in 2014.

  1. Tax incentives. The Solar Investment Tax Credit (or ITC) has been extended, but it’s only in effect until 2016, which means you don’t have a lot of time left to take advantage of it. So if you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your home, now is a great time to pull the trigger so you can claim 30% of expenses on your taxes for the year. You should also check in with your state to see if any further incentives are offered to residents purchasing solar panels.
  2. Payment plans. Several solar providers have found ways to make their products more affordable, namely through the use of financing. If you’re keen to make the switch to solar and you live in a sunny clime, but you simply don’t have the estimated $25,000-$50,000 needed to supply the average home with adequate solar power, you’re not out of luck. You can definitely find companies willing to help you out with plans that will have you paying off your panels in monthly increments for the next, say, 20 years. And depending on how much you pay right now for your power bill, you could save a significant amount by giving up your electric bill in favor of a solar panel payment plan.
  3. Lower energy bills. One of the most obvious reasons to install solar panels is to lower your energy bill, and even if you only live in a place that enjoys abundant sunlight during the summer months, your purchase could pay for itself over time, especially if your power bills are currently through the roof, so to speak.
  4. Share the wealth. One of the reasons that both government agencies and solar providers are helping to finance solar installation is because of federal and state regulations pertaining to increases in sustainable energy over the next several years. And in case you were wondering, any excess energy you create with your solar panels could be sold back to power companies for use in other homes. Although your neighbors will still have to pay for the power that you generate, at least they’ll be using an energy source that does less harm to the planet.
  5. A cleaner, greener planet. Although the renewable energy provided by the sun is certainly useful when it comes to reducing your energy bills, there is an even better reason to contract with a company likeĀ Icon Solar. The burning of fossil fuels not only pollutes the air, causing who-knows what kind of harm to living beings, but it’s also responsible in large part for the global warming crisis. If you’re interested in keeping our planet clean, green, beautiful, and livable for future generations, then start by doing your part to protect the air we breathe. Installing solar panels is a step in the right direction.

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