5 Easy Ways to Save on Energy and Electricity at Home

These days, saving energy is a priority – not a novelty pastime. It is a priority for many different reasons. One major reason is that the environment is taking a serious beating. Just think about it: for every light we don’t turn off or for every extra minute that we leave our air conditioner on, we could be causing a natural disaster or some other kind of environmental disaster. Environmental specialists say that running our air conditioners is in the top ten of appliances that are causing global warming. But you also want to save energy for the sake of saving money – wasting electricity can take a serious hit on your wallet too. Here are five easy ways to save energy and electricity at home.

  1. Turn off lights after you leave a room. This is one of the simplest ways to save energy, because flipping a switch is more a matter of awareness than a lifestyle change. However, for some people, it may just be a lifestyle change. If you have the bad habit of leaving lights on, the habit may be hard to break. So, make sure to remind yourself every time you leave a room.
  2. Hang-dry your clothing. Our clothes dryers are huge culprits in energy waste and higher carbon emission levels in the atmosphere. Most people dry their clothes, because it is simple, easy and they don’t have to think about it. But think about this: you can save a lot of money (and energy) by hang drying your clothes and placing few items on a drying rack is not very hard to do. Not only that, but now that the temperatures are rising, it won’t take very long for your clothes to dry.
  3. Unplug appliances. This is another incredible method you can employ to save energy and electricity – you may even notice the changes on your next utility bill. If your household has a habit of leaving items plugged in and charging, you want to break the habit and unplug all items as soon as they are done charging. Even if you leave these items in to charge – you are still using and effectively wasting energy. You may also want to go around your home and unplug anything that doesn’t really need to be plugged in.
  4. Replace all your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are relics of another time – a time when there weren’t that many people on the planet and saving energy wasn’t on the front of everyone’s mind. However, now that energy saving is on the front of people’s minds, they are realizing how wasteful these old fashioned bulbs are. LED bulbs last longer and they burn a fraction of the amount of energy.
  5. Consult with an electrical contractor. You may not realize it, but electrical contractors, like Jackson Electrical Contractors, are definitely interested in making sure homeowners aren’t wasting too much energy. They can also consult with you to find methods of making your electrical system more efficient. In the end, leaving it up to the professionals is not only convenient, but also conscientious to the environment.

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