5 Surefire Ways to Achieve Home Energy Savings

As energy prices continuously rise, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut back on energy use and save money. While energy is essential to power your home, you can make some mindful changes around the house to cut back on energy waste and keep money in your pocket. Here are 5 surefire ways to achieve home energy savings in your house.

  1. First, consider your lighting thorough the house. Many of us use regular light bulbs. While these are fine, you have better options available to you on the market. Now, there are energy efficiency bulbs available in many stores. These bulbs are a bit more expensive to buy up front, but they last significantly longer than regular light bulbs, so you can buy fewer bulbs. In addition, they use a lot less energy to provide the same lighting at home, meaning you will see your energy bills lower every month! In addition to switching bulbs, be sure to always turn off lights that are unnecessary or that are not being used to cut down on waste.
  2. Make sure that your home is well sealed. The better sealed your home, the more energy efficient it will be. Homes often develop leaks and cracks around external windows and doors. This happens over time as materials expand and contract in the hot and cold weather throughout the year. To reduce drafts, be sure to inspect the edges of these window and door fixtures and keep an eye out for holes or gaps. To fill these, buy caulk at your local hardware store. Apply the caulk liberally and wipe clean to reduce drafts and ensure that comfortable air stays in and the air outside stays out where it belongs.
  3. Change your HVAC’s furnace filter every few months. Over time and with use this filter will get dirty. When it is dirty, air cannot pass through, meaning your system has to work much harder to achieve a desirable temperature in your home. In addition, a dirty filter can reduce air quality inside causing respiratory issues. Changing the filter is quick, simple and affordable so it is well work the extra step!
  4. Make sure your home’s air ducts are clean and clear. Often we don’t consider out home’s air ducts because they are not usually visible. However, they are very important since they carry air through your home. Be sure to clean ducts and vents every 6 months to ensure they are not obstructed. You can use a duster, or clean deeper with a vacuum extension.
  5. Get your HVAC heating and cooling system inspected at least once a year. While you can maintain your HVAC system well on your own throughout the year, it is necessary that you have a professional come in to check it out. Professionals will be able to identify problems, large and small. Minor problems are best caught early on so that you can avoid further damage and reduce the likelihood of needing to replace major parts or spend money on a new furnace altogether. In addition, this pro will know to look forĀ signs it’s time to replace your heat pump or furnace and he or she can determine HVAC energy efficiency to save you money in the long run.

Using these tips at home will help you to cut back on energy waste. Reducing energy use is great for the environment and great for your wallet as well! Have an HVAC professional inspect your system annually, keep air ducts clear, change your furnace filter regularly, seal up your home, and switch to energy efficient bulbs of the best energy savings results!

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