Innovative Energy Saving Ideas for Homeowners

As a homeowner, what’s one of most important things to you? If you were to say that you’d like a way to become more energy efficient so that you can spend less money on your energy bills, then we can understand exactly where you’re coming from. Luckily, there are several innovative ways that you can save energy in your house. We’ve got five of our favorite recommendations for you below:

Plant some trees. You might be wondering why we’re recommending that you do some landscaping in order to save energy inside of your home. The reason why this is such an effective thing to do is because the right kinds of trees can help to shield your windows, which can ultimately help to shield your house from the sun’s blistering rays or the bitterly cold winds of winter. To learn more about how planting trees can save you money on annual energy costs, visit House Logic and put “plant trees to save energy” in the search field.

Use natural light. If you’re someone who happens to work from home, then of course your energy costs are going to be higher than those who work in an office space because you are using utilities at your house throughout all hours of the day. Something that you can do to decrease your energy bills is to turn off your overhead lighting and instead, open up your window treatments so that you can take in more natural light during the daylight hours. Not only will it save electricity, but you’ll be able to get some Vitamin D in the process as well while working.

Let things air dry. One very simple way that you can save money on your energy costs is to let certain things air dry. To be more specific, rather than putting your dishes in the dry cycle in your dishwasher, allow them to simply sit in there overnight and when it comes to your clothes, rather than using your dryer, let them hang out on a line during the summertime. These are just two small ways you can become more energy efficient at home over time.

Get a low-flow showerhead or toilet installed. Are you interested in knowing how you can reduce the amount of money that you spend on water every month? Two ways you can save immediately are by installing a low-flow showerhead or toilets in your home. Just by swapping out the showerhead and toilets, you can look forward to lower water bills instantaneously which helps offset the cost of your investment. By doing these two small changes in your house, you can save on energy costs 30-40 percent overall easily which is something that should make your wallet happy.

Service your HVAC unit. If you’ve always been curious about when you when you should replace a furnace , a well-built one can literally last you about 25 years. However, when it comes to your HVAC unit, it’s best if you have those replaced around every 10-12 years. In the meantime, something that you can do to make it more efficient is to have it professionally serviced. Our suggestion is that you do it in the spring and in the fall—right before the harsh temperatures of summer and fall set in. It also can save you money if you do. For tips on how to find a good HVAC technician, visit Angie’s List and put “how to find a HVAC technician” in the search field.

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