5 Easy Ways to Save Energy Dollars at Home

Two things that every home needs in order to make it run smoothly are electricity and water. And while all of us are extremely thankful for both, the reality is that sometimes the costs that come with these household conveniences are a bit more than our budgets can afford.

If you can relate and you’re looking for a few easy ways to save money on your energy dollars, here are five tips that will make a noticeable difference on your bills within a matter of a couple of months below:

Do some landscaping. You might be surprised by the fact that one thing that you can do in order to save energy inside of your house actually has to do with what you do outside of it. According to many energy experts, one of the best ways to protect your home from extreme outdoor temperatures is to plant some trees and shrubs around your house; especially in front of your windows. The shade will help to keep your home cooler in the summer and if you have any Evergreens around, it will also help to buffer the rooms in your house from bitter winds during the wintertime too.

Use natural light more often. Something that definitely contributes to our energy costs is the overhead lighting that we have. And while investing in some LED light bulbs is one way to use a lot less electricity, you can reduce your costs even more by opting for natural light during the day time hours. If you’re concerned that leaving your window treatments open will compromise your privacy, you might want to have your windows professionally tinted. That way, you can look out of your windows but people outside of your home will not be able to look in them.

Get a programmable thermostat. Do you have a mercury thermostat inside of your house? If so, this is another reason why your energy bills are higher than you would like them to be. By investing in a programmable thermostat, you can preset your unit for when you’re home and away. That way, it won’t be running when you actually don’t need it to.

Add a low-flow showerhead and toilet. Saving money when it comes to energy is not just about focusing on electricity; it’s about finding ways to use less water too. One way that you can do that is by adding a low-flow showerhead and toilet to your bathroom. Being that they are designed to use a lot less gallons of water each day, you can easily see a 30-40 percent deduction on your water bills annually.

Allow some things to dry naturally. If you were to go on a website like Energy.gov to check out why you should conduct an energy audit or the benefits of standby whole-house generators , as you’re reading more things that can help you to save energy, it might also mention that you should allow your dishes and clothes to dry naturally. By foregoing the dry setting on your dishwasher and not using your dryer in the summer, that can help you to save money too. Speaking of those appliances, if it’s time to get a new dishwasher or dryer and you’d like some tips on how to get an energy efficient model, visit EnergyStar.gov.

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