8 Tips How to Install Artificial Turf

Residential Artificial Turf InstallationWhen we intend to do the installation of artificial turf, then there are two things we need to consider before – whether we will do it ourselves or if we are going to entrust the job to the professionals. If we want to save more money, then do the installation job by ourselves is a perfect idea. Meanwhile, if we want to make sure that the installation work can provide maximum results, smooth, and in accordance with what we expect, then we can choose to entrust the professionals like artificial turf Phoenix AZ. Here are 8 tips on how to install artificial turf that we can make a useful guide.

  1. The first tips, when we decided to do the turf installation work by ourselves aka DIY, then make sure we check the manual installation of artificial turf products that we buy. This is important because we do not all artificial turf products have the same installation system so that we as consumers should be careful and observant in order to get maximum results.
  2. The second tips, before buying artificial turf and before starting the installation, make sure we do the measurement space that we have and we want to turf fitted. Because artificial turf offered in square meters, then make sure we do the appropriate measurements so that we can get the right size and accurate.
  3. The third tips, make sure we ask for help from a supplier of artificial turf to perform calculations in order to determine how much of artificial turf that we need in the right amounts. It is important we do when we are confused in determining the appropriate amount of turf with the space we have. They also will help us to ensure that we bought a few extra square feet for just in case.
  4. The fourth tips, because artificial turf is offered in a wide choice of length and width, then make sure we get it as needed. Each supplier of artificial turf has his trademark respectively so that we as consumers should not arbitrarily choose a product in order to get the look we want.
  5. The fifth tips, when we put artificial turf on top of the compacted sand or on other surfaces, make sure surface is clean and smooth. This we do in order to maximize the performance of artificial turf. In addition, we also make sure to put a weed membrane under artificial turf. With a note that we do not have a pet. However, if we have a pet, then the weed barrier or membrane is not recommended to be installed because it will make the smell of manure is not easy to be lost.
  6. The sixth tips, make sure we put artificial turf in the same direction. This we do to produce a consistent look. Do not forget also to cut out artificial turf which is on the edge or around the walls to get the look neat and looks beautiful.
  7. The seventh tips, watch the manufacturer of artificial turf – whether we need to apply adhesive or not. If we have to apply the adhesive then make sure we use the recommended adhesive to maximize the appearance of artificial turf. Some of the options we used to apply adhesive for artificial turf include: glue, tape, pins, nails, and other tools.
  8. The eighth tips, make sure we wait a few hours after the installation of artificial turf before making a place to put a variety of decorative items. This we did in order to settle on the artificial turf place respectively.

Not a tough job to do it by ourselves, is not it? So, if we want to produce a more effective, efficient, and saves a lot of money, then make the installation of artificial turf is a perfect solution to do. Another advantage that we can get by applying artificial turf in the backyard or front yard is the fact that we do not need to implement routine maintenance, conserve water, and certainly will not make the monthly water bill is high. Although regarded as one of the decorative items that make it easier for homeowners in presenting a full page view with the green color of ‘turf’, but we need to note that artificial turf allows anyone to experience more severe injuries than natural grass because applying existing hard surface below it.

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