8 Tips You Should Know When Your Air Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold Air

air conditioner not blowing cold air in houseElectronic becomes a household appliance needed to make human’s life become easier. Life without electronic appliances will be very hard since; it may bring back human to a traditional age or even Stone Age. There are many kinds of electronic purchased for human’s life. For hot climate, having an air condition is really needed to keep the temperature cool. Just turn on the AC and you can sit comfortably with cool air breeze flowing inside your room. It becomes really annoying when your AC is off or even, don’t work because of several reasons. It is time to know for several reasons about why your AC is not working.

Let’s check about some reasons that make your AC don’t work. First, you need to check the filter. If the filter is too dirty, you have to clean it and let it for some hours. Afterwards, you can put it back to its place. Besides, you also have to change the filter if it is too old or even cannot be used anymore. Filter is included as a part of AC that is important.

If it is not the filter, then you have to check other factors which can make your AC don’t work. Second, it may be on the condenser since; it is considered as an important part for your AC. If the condenser is not working, you have to clean it. It is better to change it with the new one and make your AC back on its duty again.

In addition for two common problems above, there is also another possibility that make your AC is not working. The other reason that may make your AC don’t work is its capacitor. Check whether the capacitor is still ok or you need to change it as soon as possible. One damaged component may cause your AC will not work. You can consult to air conditioning services Scottsdale before doing the crucial thing.

The fourth thing that may make your AC don’t blow cold air is its thermostat. Make sure that your thermostat is set on auto or on cold condition. It might be weird but; some people often make some mistakes on the thermostat. Sometimes, your AC may blow hot air which can make your room become hotter than before. Hence, you need to do a check for your thermostat.

In addition for thermostat’s setting, thermostat degree must be cooler than your room’s temperature at least, 5 degrees lower than your room. If your thermostat’s temperature are getting hotter, it can be big problem that will make your AC don’t work. Before you start to turn on your AC, you need to check if the thermostat is normal or not.

Overheating can also become another reason that makes your ac don’t working. It is caused by circuit breaker that cut the electricity. Therefore, you need to be more careful in using your AC. Just turn it if you really need it. Besides, you need to turn off the AC if there are no people inside the house or you don’t need to use it.

There are also external factors that can cause your AC don’t work. In addition for dirt that is already stated above, there are also many factors that can cause your AC won’t work for example, dirt, or even a branch of tree stuck inside the AC. It seems impossible but there are also many reports that tell if their AC is invaded by some odd things that make their AC don’t work.

Lastly, it is about electricity. Logically, if there is no electricity then your AC will not work. For electricity, you have to check on several parts of AC such as, compressor, air handler, and circuit breaker. If there is something wrong around one of them then, your AC will not work.

By reading some reasons above, you can start to check if your ac have a problem as it is stated above. By knowing some reasons above, you can check whether your AC is working well or not. It is better to solve it fast before your AC will not working again forever. If there is an unsolved problem, you need to call an expert that can fix your problem towards your AC. Some professionals are really experienced in repairing AC.

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