5 Ways to Make a Winter Home Move Easier

Whether it’s due to something like a new job or you simply found the house of your dreams, sometimes you can’t control the time of year when your life goes through a major change like a move. And while it would certainly be more convenient if it happened when the weather was a bit warmer and the roads were a bit less hazardous, the good news is that there are some things that you can do that will help to make your move a bit easier on you.

If you’d like to know what some of those things are, please keep reading:

Avoid the holiday season. One challenge with moving during the wintertime is that from the end of November through the very first of January, it’s the holiday season. This means it’s harder to schedule a moving company, oftentimes the cost of moving trucks is a bit higher and there tends to be a lot of traffic on the roads (especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas). So, if it’s at all possible, opt to movie before November or sometime in January. Stores and streets are quieter and rates for things tend to be cheaper too.

Wait to turn off your utilities. If you were planning to move in any other season, you could probably do without your utilities for a couple of days. But in the dead of winter, when the sun sets a lot earlier, you need to have your heat and lights on until you close the doors of your old home for the final time. So, make sure to schedule your utilities to be turned off the day after your move. When it’s below freezing outside, you’ll be so glad that you did.

Pack up fragile things first. If you’re going to take more than one trip from your old house to your new house, make sure to take along the items that will be most affected by the cold with you on the first run. This would include obvious things like plants, but also items like china and even antiques as well. The reason why is because when the temperature is really cold, sometimes it makes fragile things vulnerable to small cracks. Also for this reason, have your utilities turned on at your new place a couple of days before you’re scheduled to move in. That way, things can be nice and toasty during the moving process.

Take care of the driveways. Say that you were planning to move outside of Boston and you were to speak with some movers Westborough MA about something else than you can do in order to make winter moving simpler. Something that they might recommend is that you shovel and salt your old and new driveway. That will make it easier to move around on both of them while significantly reducing the chances of you or someone else falling.

Be flexible. Even with the best of plans in place, one thing that you cannot control is Mother Nature. So, when moving during the wintertime, emotionally prepare yourself for the fact that the weather can sometimes cause delays. If you’re willing to wait for a blizzard to pass over or if you’re OK with sitting in traffic a bit longer than expected, that will definitely make moving in the wintertime a lot easier on you. Happy moving!

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