5 Amazing Brick Types and Patterns for Your Patio

brick patio designs ideasChoosing the Columbus brick patio, and place it. It is a great idea that will create a traditional style in your exterior. Firstly, what you know about brick types and patterns? There are several types such as Clinkers, Face Bricks, Frogged, and Faux. We can distinguish them from the shape and color.

You need to check the 5 amazing brick types and patterns for your patio. Here we are:

# 1. Flemish Bond

It is a style that has endured since centuries ago. You may notice that this is arranged with a regular line, but there are differences in the size of the pieces of brick. Typically, this style is applied in the UK. You can install it as a force for driveways, walkways, and patios.

# 2. Herringbone

Some people think that this is a powerful force. Indeed, the angle between 45 to 90 degrees, you can arrange the bricks on a solid concept. Moreover, it will attract attention because it has a unique and distinct style.

# 3. Stand Bond

Let’s call this as the simplest style. Its composition consists of bricks of the same size. You will create a wall with a precise size, and it will always create a neat and elegant impression. As a stronger bond, you can use this to sideways.

# 4. Running Bond

There are two styles, namely simple and variations. For a simple style, you can arrange the bricks irregularly, with the difference in each row. Most people also choose this as a stylish exterior patio while this is a style that is easy to manage as long as you can adjust the size and position. Meanwhile, you can choose the style variation. It is a style that is compiled on a regular basis, but with a random position. Thus, the bricks are arranged vertically and horizontally, to form a loop at the center. You can put this to a small patio.

# 5. Basket Weave

This is an original style that can be found in the building of Europe. It slightly reminds you of the Flemish Bond, but this is a more complicated one. At least, you have to put a pair of bricks, and they are arranged in an opposite position. With a unique combination of vertical and horizontal styles, this would be a great idea for your patio.

Well, if you are interested, you can explore some unique ideas on brick and patio. Make sure that you really have to plan it as a perfect concept that can be managed easily.

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