Things to Do When a Snake Appears in Your Neighborhood

Some states in the United States, e.g. Florida and Georgia, occasionally encounter with snakes. No wonder, the service of winter garden snake removal is in a high demand there. Everyone expects their home to provide a healthy, comfortable and safe environment. Perhaps, some homeowners would put aside the safety of their house for they are too much confident about their installed-modern safety equipment. However, the safety of your house is not only about no intruders forcing to come inside, but also about preventing your house from dangerous, annoying animals such as rodents, lizards, frogs, or especially snakes.

In the States, numerous species of snake can be found almost everywhere including around your house. In Florida, for instance, 45 typical types of snakes are wandering throughout the state. 6 of them, including coral snake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, cottonmouth, southern cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake and pygmy rattlesnake, are venomous; the rest is still dangerous for the bite, though. Lately, Georgia is haunting with the breakthrough of the venomous copperheads. A large number of the species are reported spreading throughout Georgia and greatly potent for harming the people, especially kids or pets playing outside without foot protection as thick as boots.

Some people are easily panicking and can’t think reasonable enough on how to get rid of the snakes. Some locals even decide to release a number of non-venomous snakes to their neighborhoods on purpose. They think that the most potent way to fight against snakes is using other snakes. In fact, it is a rare occasion on which snakes kill snakes, especially that they do not share the same prey or habitat. Black rat snakes or racers, for instance, are often let live around houses, or purposefully released there, to kick out venomous snakes. No research reported its effectiveness. In fact, both snakes eat a lot different food, which is birds, rodents, lizards, or bird eggs. Instead of initiating for a battle against other snakes, such types prefer to hide in dark, damp nests or escape. However, if you try to catch them, they may give you a painful bite, full of bacteria that can lead to infection.

If snakes are spotted nearby your neighborhood, in the yard, barn or fences, the best chance you have is you do not face them. If you spot one of them on your way from or to your house, you should not bother it or make a quick movement that makes the snake panic and bite. Immediately, you should contact a professional snake removal service that has been trained and experienced in identifying and catching snakes of varying types.

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